In Korean’s culture, 100 days is regarded as an important milestone for little baby. Majority of the family is looking for 100 days children portrait photography.

It was nice to have the grandparents around for the session. So we could do a bit of family photography, a bit of individual portrait, a bit of 100 days… one photography session covers many purposes.

The home is beautiful and it was really bright as it was on the high floor with glass windows all around. The shoot was rather challenging, because the baby, who suppose to be the “star” for the day, wasn’t feeling so well, so decided to take a nap. So we decide to capture everything else and waited for the baby to wake up.

I was really given a good 15 minutes by the baby before he feel grouchy again… but I am glad that everything was done to my expectation. The clients were thrilled by the result.



Hart Tan