I am always glad when a familiar voice calling and wanted more session for their family.

I met Andrea and the family a few years ago when they just moved to Singapore and I did a session for their little newborn and now, he is a handsome cute little boy…

Usually, the best time to do the newborn session is when the baby is less than 10 days old because what I wanted in newborn images is the ability to show how they may look like inside the womb.

Andrea call me when the baby was about 5 weeks, but as a returning client, I was happy to offer my session for her knowing the shoot will be limited. However, the baby was a charm to work with and I have gotten a lot more shots than I thought so I am thrilled with the result.

I just adore those fat rolls… 🙂

From time to time, I receive a testimonial from clients who is really happy with my work… and in this case, Andrea did take time to write me the following:

“I am very happy with the job done by Hart.

Not only he is an amazing professional when it comes to art (the outcome is impeccable) but which is the most important for me, he is an angel with babies.

I hired him to make photo album of my pregnancy and my 2 babies at newborn age and also family pics -all beautiful pics-, and I can’t be any more grateful for the fact that he ensured my babies were respected and loved during the process.

Not only he didn’t disturb them at all, furthermore he provided such a peaceful ambiance that both of them wanted to sleep most of the time! he is great with babies so I can recommend him 100% for your newborn pictures and assure you your babies will not suffer any tiny bit with it”.

I am a true believer in preserving memories, thus, I believe that, beautiful images means nothing without the experience. That said, Beautiful images is a non-negotiable deliverable for anyone who call themselves professional photographer, however, creating an experience for clients and the baby is the reason why clients come to Tomato Photo.