2008 was the year I met Lindy, Alvin and their first born Asher… He was a little baby barely taking his little baby first steps… 7 years on, I love to photograph this family… They are more like a friend now and it is a real privilege to watch the kids grow up.

Lindy created an album on her facebook showing the growth of her family through my photography which you can access through this link.

Like many of my clients who have been having me to capture part of their memories… it is nice to see how my photography evolve and offering their children gift of a lifetime.

This year, we decide to photograph the family at Lorong Halus Wetlands… an interesting location for shoot… its a wide open space without much shades… so it was warm but nonetheless a nice change of scenery.



In essence, to be able to use my gift to preserve memories for a family is what I love doing… not a job but a dedication…

Here is what Lindy says on the facebook as part of the testimonial….

From 1 baby to now our 4th, the photos he has taken for us has never failed to capture how I feel for myself, the kids and the family. I can feel my children’s different personality in them. I can feel how my motherly feelings were in them. So timeless. Its exactly those feelings and memories that I wanted to preserve and I am glad I found Hart, who is absolutely the right one for it. Thanks Hart! He is always patient and has his ways with the kids. We see you grow and so did you see us grow!



Hart Tan