children_photography_singaporeEveryday, we simply wait for the perfect day so we can capture beautiful images of our child but as we know, while we wait, the clock keep ticking… Esther simply took the action and make it happen for her daughter… Esther believes in capturing the moment through family photography. This is a special gift that she gave her child. Hoping one day, when she grow up, she know the happiness of being a family…


I really enjoyed shooting this family.  We shot it in the Botanical Gardens to celebrate the birthday of Esther’s little girl.  With a focus on the family and the love they shared we encapsulated that feeling with the lush greenery of the Botanical Gardens and the soft natural lighting.  These elements naturally enhanced the beauty of this family and the fun day they shared at the photo shoot.


Birthdays give us the opportunity to celebrate another year of success and happiness but it also gives the family an opportunity to bond and celebrate that bond. Capturing emotion is key to a successful shoot and we definitely got lots of happiness and love shining through in these images.


As a photographer, I am humble by the words from happy clients by deliver what they really love…


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Hart Tan
Associate Master Photographer
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