Wedding Photography

Has been out since 5am this morning and just got back 15 minutes ago… time now is 12:50am, Yes, it is a wedding shoot. Long and tiring shoot.

I must admit that wedding photography is tiring as it require the photographer to be alert all the time and be creative at the same time.

However, it is always a pleasure to be at a wedding to capture some of the most amazing moments that unfold.

Our love for wedding photography hasn’t change one bit even though it is tiring. The thing that inspired us everytime during the wedding is the story behind the couple. How they met, how they went through everything to come to this commitment.

It is always beautiful to see those lovely smile on the brides… the tears from the parents… the minute details in preparation, the anticipation of the bride and groom.

We are fortunate to be selected by our client to be part of their wedding. To most, wedding is one of the milestone in life which deserve huge celebration, others feels that the celebration should only be shared with a small group of close friends and relos.

Here is one we captured today of the venue. The rest will have to wait.

Service your customer???

As our final preparation for new gallery/studio which will be ready pretty soon. We were looking for some appliances like bar fridge, etc… to make sure we have enough stash of beer to get us through. Well, we don’t drink while we are on the job, but certainly love to enjoy a beer or two while we are doing the retouching.

Anyway, we were at this huge electrical appliances store (please don’t ask which store), and as we are carrying our baby in hand and lots of shopping in the cart. It was a quick and easy order, as we see what we need and just ask the sales staff to get fridge for us so we can pay at the cashier. We don’t even ask for a discount…

Since we have all our hands full, we politely ask if the sales staff will help us to push this bar fridge (which is already on the trolley), down to the carpark for us. Well, just put it this way, we didn’t even expect what was coming…. First, we were asked to purchase the additional “insurance” which we politely decline as we don’t need it. Then, the response for our request came with “Uhm… the lift is over there…. with no single smile (we should say, with lots of frowning and frustration)…

We can’t help to think that, were they charging too little to cut out customer service? or they will have to “upsell” to get more?

Obviously, when we always believe in servicing our client, we were so surprise with no service policy (we read the “promise” statement again on our way out, all it says is “PRICE” not “Service”) So eventually, we bought from the other company, which we have absolutely different experience… Sure, we pay a little more… but what we get is beyond what we expected.

When time is bad, product lines are consumer products which can be found anywhere, pricing is the same everywhere else, what else will a store do to differentiate them from the rest? certainly won’t help with unhelpful staff who is too busy chatting away with their colleague while leaving the customer on their own.

The moral of the story is without servicing the client, the company will soon realised that they have none to service.

If cheap pricing is the only selling point, we wonder if there is any point at all.

Professional Printing Services

We are pleasantly surprise when the door bell rang this morning as we didn’t expect the print to come through so quickly as it was sent half the globe away.

We are pleased to announce that, all our prints (up to a size of 32″x110″) will now be put through chemical printing process which has been tested and proven for years.

From today onwards, we will be happily promoting our large print products.

Come and visit us from 1 March 2009 onward to see our product range at our Studio/ Gallery on 6 Chiku Road.


That is one word that always pop up when we have a new inquiry.

Retouching is really a BIG word and what it is and how we do our “retouching”.

All our images will be shot in RAW files (basically, pure digital data from your camera), it has not been compressed, nor subject to in-camera processing.

We choose to shoot with RAW files as it has all the data that the camera is capable to capture.

Jpeg on the other hand has been “worked” by the camera and you are on the mercy of the camera inbuilt software to deliver the work.

By shooting RAW, it increase time, increase file size and it slow down the process, but why do we do that?

It has 1 simple reason, QUALITY.

Here is how our typical workflow:
1. After the shoot, the images on the card will be download to our “Working Storage” on our Mac and the images will be automatically back-up to prevent any chance of losing the image.

2. We will then “Batch” process the RAW files with our “preset” and convert them into High Res Tiff files

3. We will then retouched all images individually to make sure everything is being done properly and then convert them to high res Jpeg files.

4. We will then “batch” process all the images with “sharpening” and “convert to sRGB” as print ready files.

5. Images will then resize for web and upload to the client’s gallery with password protection.

We insist on having at least a double back up to ensure minimal downtime and hassle to our client. Apology for losing the images just don’t cut it.

With Tomato, we will make sure every step is done properly to ensure our client received the best we can produce.

In our opinion, it doesn’t justify giving our client inferior product even if we charge less for it…

At the end of the day, Photography is not a commodity, it is a form of art.

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