Christmas Charity Photos

Well mate… here it is…

Some images we took during the event, we love to feature every kiddo that come to support us during this event, however, due to limitation of space and we can only feature some images that touches our heart….

The greatest gift that we’ve received during this event are the wonderful smiles on the faces of those little kiddos.

Shooting was the easiest part, retouching part was overwhelming, we spent about 180+ hours retouching the images for all the shoots over 10 days period between 2 of us… Yes, we must be crazy to retouch EVERY SINGLE images and this is a charity event.

The thing is, with Tomato Photo, we DO NOT compromised on our images by cutting corners…

It was 3 days of on and off drizzle, but our conclusion is KIDS LOVE RAIN…. so why shy away from rain and stop shooting?

Day 1 – Rain, Rain and Rain…..Due to rain, we limited the shoot at covered space we have, for client who let us have our way, we have capture some of the special images for them and we have taken some of our favorite shots of the day….

Day 2… Its Christmas day!!! – Weather was quite good but a bit of rain… But hey… kids love rain

Day 3 – Great Day….. still overcast…

—- Thank you to everyone for supporting us in this Charity Event —-

Christmas Charity

We have been talking about doing some charity work to help the needy since July. However, bookings have kept us busy since we started in March 2008.

Yes, Finally we did it…

Christmas is a time of giving, so we can’t find a better time to do what we intend to do.

So on 24-26 Dec 2008, we did a charity shoot around the common area of our residence….

We are glad that we have raised $1500 for Autism Resource Centre to help the Autism kids to develop skill which enable them to be like many of us.

It is a very small amount comparing what they need, but we do hope it helps.

What we wish to see is if every photographer in this world can spare few days in a year from their busy schedule to help the needy, it will bring lots of smile to those in need.

Helping the needy doesn’t have to be in material form… it could be a simple visit to people in need and listen and caring for them… if you could put a smile in someone’s face, you deserve a pat at the back.

After all, we are in SMILING business….

We shall update some of the images taken during this event when we post processed some of them. Until then…

We wish everyone Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year….

What a week…….

It has been an interesting week…. extremely busy with last minute Christmas order and countless shoots….

It is all start with a shoot at East Coast Park which started an hour later than schedule and after 20 minutes of shoot, it started pouring…

Follow by more shoots throughout the weeks and countless hours spent on retouching to fulfill the rush order…

The highlight of the week is to cover a baptism ceremony in Fullerton Hotel…

Gorgeous interior, interesting event as well as very special people…. Everywhere you see is full of opportunity… and the balcony view was absolutely gorgeous…

The week ended with a wedding shoot in Grand Capthorne Hotel…. and the view from the couple’s suite is simply irresistible…

For the first time for the last 10 months, my arms feel numb from lifting all the heavy equipment to get the shots and retouching… we thought August was busy….

We thank all our clients who trusted us for recording some of the most wonderful moments of their life… truly enjoy myself this week, meeting lots of interesting people and visited some of the nicest places in Singapore.

Digital? or Film?

About Digital Technology VS Film Technology.

We welcome the raise of digital technology because as a Photographer, we have absolute control of the images rather than leaving it to the trusty lab. We could choose to shoot in color and turn it into B&W images and adjust the image to show its best.

With film technology, we believe that extra time taken from scanning to get the digital file for retouching would be better off spent on the retouching. High quality scanning takes time, expensive, let alone those dust that always attracted to film itself and time taken to remove those dust spots can be better spent on making sure everything is perfect.

Furthermore, with digital technology, we do not have to worry about limit the shoot to number of rolls… and lets face it, KIDS DON’T STAND Still…. so instead of worry about the limit, we are free to express ourselves.

We believe in tested & trusted printing technology that has been proven and has been in service before any viability of digital technology to date. It is still old fashion chemical process, printed on the best available paper there is today.

To sum up, we believe digital technology puts the control in the photographers hand and we can “translate” our previsualisation process into reality with the help of “precise” control of “Digital Darkroom”.

However, the above is solely our opinion and should be taken as a grain of salt.

Things we do…..


We thought to share some of our thoughts and things we do that differentiate our service…..

Most of our clients worry about their home being messy and too small for photo shoot. So I thought well, its time for us to show how we do things…..

This is probably a messy sofa to most people’s standard.

This is what we see as a photographer….

We also spend time on the retouching (post processing) to make sure you are getting the best of our work.

These image shows how little distraction and not well expose picture will ruin the shots….

Well expose with distraction removed as well as putting attention to the subject. All you see is subject…

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