One Year Ago Part II


It has been a while… life has been hectic and those fond memories of holiday almost faded from our memory. However, thanks to the wonder of photography, those memories stays
with us in the form of pictures….

Here is some images we took while in US.

First of all, images from NY…

“Love in Times Square”
There is a saying, “be in the right time at the right place….”. This is few hours after touch down in NY and staying a block away from times square… Polo decide to call it a day and of course, i thought it just a perfect lighting to do some shots in times square.While looking through the viewfinder, I saw these 2 people crossing the road from either side and decided to stop right in from of me… they are probably a meter from me.. and naturally it was captured on my camera. Fire off 2 frames and this worked!

“looking towards upper Manhattan”

“looking towards lower Manhattan”
Those 2 images was taken from the top of Empire State Building… after waiting for almost 2 hours, here we are….. pack with tourist, squeezing through the crowd and whichever way you look, there are buildings upon buildings. NY is a extremely dynamic and pretty much packed to its limit. But when we were there, an interesting piece of news indicated that, Singaporean actually walk faster than New Yorkers… WOW….

Some images taken on Arizona:

Grand Canyon
Images from the window traveling from Vegas to San Francisco

San Francisco hold a rather close resemblance to Sydney, Australia… Slightly laid back with a lot of bay area minus the waves. The only thing which could be improved???? Perhaps there should have been a cafe near the Golden Gate….After such a long walk to see the bridge…. the one thing we needed was to sit down in a cafe to have a cup of coffee….it was nowhere in sight!!!!

Curly whirly hilly Lombard St…. Mmmm..Wonder if the people living on either side of this street are slapped with higher premium on their home insurance.

Stay tune for our Part III

New Tomato New Photos


We have now moved from Hartanto Photography to Tomato Photo. New logo, more updated images on Children’s gallery.

Will update our “wedding” gallery once we got more spare time….

Our updated website —

Newborn Photo

It is always amazing to experience the beginning of new life. Starting with one little dot in the womb of the mother and developing in such a rapid rate to form a little baby.

Here are some photos taken of a 8 days old baby girl.

One year ago….. Part I

Lets rewind….

These are the images we took while we were on holiday in Peru last Easter… time flies…

Finally, got some time to get the photos posted.

Peru is so far the most interesting part of the world that we have visited. It is amazing how easy to travel around Peru without speaking a word of Spanish. Peruvians are such an amazing group people when it comes to hospitality.

We had such a wonderful time in Peru…

We kick started off with getting used to drinking coca tea and chewing coca leaves. Apparently, it helps with altitude sickness (or so we’re told). Apparently, these leaves contain minute amounts of cocaine. Bringing these leaves back to our country are discouraged for obvious reasons.

Donkey and mules! the only other mode of transportation apart from our pair of legs to trek down the canyon (twice as deep as the grand canyon)…. without these amazing creatures, our life will be challenging.

This is one of the spot which is not commonly known, on our way from Arequipa and Colca Canyon after surviving being overtaken by “Acid” Tankers in very close intervals…

Four days of interesting walk (yes, Hart survive the 4 days with some difficulty) and on the very last day after those close to vertical flight of endless stairs just before sunrise, we arrived at the Sun Gate and the sight in front of you is simply “UNBELIEVABLE”.
Another interesting town/village is Puno…
Situated around 3800m above sea level, narrow streets, Chinese eatery, “Plaza de Armas” in every town in Peru, makes this city quite an experience…

Lake Titicaca would be the highlight of Puno…
It is probably the highest inhibited lake in the world with those floating islands… You would be surprise to find TV, Radio, etc on this remote floating islands.. talking about environmental friendly… its all run on solar power.

Peru is divided into 2 areas, the Andes and the Amazon. The stark difference of both landscapes, dealing with altitude and fighting with mozzies… The view from the flight is enough to tell one, how pristine the “Amazon” still is….. though due climate change, erosion is obvious even from this aerial view.

Mine oh mine! Such pristine environment within the Amazon Forest! Even Butterfly and turtle live in harmony in nature. It was scorching 30+ degree celsius and close to 100% humidity…
Rest, relax and have a beer after a long day of rowing in the midst of the Amazon tributaries
Last but not least, enjoy the beautiful Sunrise and sunset in the Amazon

Stay tune for more pictures from our holiday in US cities and Canada…..

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