Personal Project – Maternity Photography with Jana

I am going to start doing things that I always wanted to do and never get to do it due to my busy schedule… so its time I shoot for myself again and hope I find something that further my work that I love creating for my clients.

I have invited a friend of mine that I met through a common friend… I love her individuality and I love those Tattoo that she has and she is having the first baby… so after a few postponement due to some health issue from my end, finally, i got to meet her in my studio and I have decided to shoot a little differently from my usual stuff.

Shoot with Sony A7 and vintage collapsible Leica 5cm f2.0 Summicron which was produces around 1950’s-1960’s… I choose to shoot with this lens mainly due to how it renders the images as well as low contrast… I love how it pull all the shadow details and the image looks softer and less “sharp” but a lot of details to play with even shooting at f2.0 all the time.

Most of the images you see below are pretty much coming straight from the camera and I just love it…


However, the most important things in the images are the subject and how the light effect the overall effect of the images.

Jana is a very confident, a lot of fun to work with as well as positive personality… I just love working with her…


I see images in B&W in this shoot…  and here are the images created during the session.

A Meaningful Gift for Mother’s Day

Mother and child

“Because I feel that, in the Heavens above,
The angels, whispering to one another,
Can find, among their burning terms of love,
None so devotional as that of ‘Mother’…”

Edgar Allan Poe, ’To My Mother’

Throughout centuries, the one thing that we can all agree on, is that no one loves like a Mother does. Unconditional, forgiving, selfless, deep… So when Mother’s Day comes around, many of us feel the need to celebrate and thank the Mother(s) in our lives. She may be your dearest Mother figure, your cherished Wife, your endearing Sister, your favourite Friend. 

It is only right that She receives the most meaningful, thoughtful, priceless mother’s day gifts. Here’s where Tomato Photo’s professional photoshoot fits the bill. Who wouldn’t want some portraits taken with their growing kids? With living members of their family tree? How many old family photos do YOU personally have? What do those old photos mean to YOU

If your answer is none, not many… it is time to makeup for the lost time.

Family is everything and investing in your family’s photographic journal is like saving money every year for rainy days with bad weather, thunderstorm some might call it.

As prepared as you may be, those rainy days will come.

We witness way too many “last minute” shoot request because this IS the LAST shoot. Old folks that come with oxygen tank, Middle age folks wheel in as it is too tiring to walk even short distance. You name it, we seen it all.

When our parents inevitably pass on, or when time flies by and we forget the minute details of our growing kids in everyday life. These are the times when only the tangible memories that we have accumulated over the years really show us that they are worth their weight in gold. Like an emotional time machine, bringing us back in time, filling our hearts with warm nostalgia. Showing future generations their roots. Thank goodness for the camera and your wise action!! 

We totally understand that getting everyone organised for a photoshoot may not be the easiest thing, especially when you have young kids. Having photographed families of all sizes since 2008, let us help to address some concerns you may have:

“I’m worried that my child will not cooperate or behave during the shoot and that we will not get the images we want!”
Many of our clients refer to Hart as the “baby whisperer” or “child whisperer”. With young kids, he is fantastic at getting down to their level, building rapport, playing with them, and understanding what is needed to get their attention or to manage the situation. Our sessions are always relaxed. Because we do all the work to ensure you don’t have to.

“I want to lose some weight before the photoshoot..”
This is probably one of the most common worries on all our minds, especially as we grow older and our metabolism slows down.. Thankfully, there are ways to manage this with photographs. Hart is a professional, and along with the technical aspects, he will also guide you on posing, angles etc. There is also the magic of photoshop! Besides, our kids are not going to think “I wish Mummy was 6kg lighter” when they look back on the memories. Instead, they will only feel thankful that they have that memory of their Mummy in their hands!

“We just don’t have the time!”
Remember, time waits for no man; our kids grow up very quickly and our parents never stop aging. Apart from the studio and outdoors, we also do home shoots so you do not have to leave your home vicinity, if that helps. Time is always there, you just need to prioritise it accordingly. We make time for things that is important to us. Does current covid-19 situation makes you realised anything about time?

With Mother’s Day coming up soon, our “1-for-1 Sessions” special may come in handy as these can be in the form of Gift Vouchers too. Purchase a Session Voucher this month and receive another Session Voucher on us. Vouchers are valid for 18 months, plenty of time to use with the extended family, capture other family milestones, or use as gifts for family, friends and colleagues!


If you want perfect photos that captures the moment, great experience with kids and quick turnaround for the photos – hart is the best! Pricing and packages are clear. Results are always outstanding. Hart is especially necessary if you have a big group. The more people, the harder it is to get a perfect shot (Without photoshop). Hart is good at priming everyone so that everyone is ready and perfect.

Other Photographers might be able to handle a child with parents – with more and younger kids it gets harder to get perfect shots…”

Hui Ying Lee

Want it NOW? Simply Fill in simple stuff below and pay with your credit card and we will do the rest for you.

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Why We Shoot In Black and White

Colour Can Distract

Clothing, busy background and colour objects can take away from the moment of the photo.  The black and white images allow your brain to focus only on the main element of the photo and the emotional message is more easily conveyed as our brains become more perceptive and focused on the images core itself.  Taking away distractions gives you a focused image that is often more powerful and spectacular.


You’ll See Light Differently

With outdoor lighting in particular, you will miss out on that golden afternoon glow but you will also gain a more focused shot.  The shot will lead your eye to  focus more on the direction, quantity and quality of light in the black and white shot.  As a photographer learning how to read and play with different elements of light in this way is a fantastic skill that helps play up emotion in the shot. The relationship between the starkness of the light and dark can be more interesting to shoot than the regular colour shots.  Light and the relationship with my subject (and the shadows that form) as well as other complementary elements of the individual become the focus, rather than the colour of elements in the frame.

It Helps Emphasize Emotion

Looking at someone’s face, or into their eyes, without the distraction of color can provide a stronger emotional connection to the subject. It’s not necessarily always the case, but if like me, you often feel more connected to a person in a black and white image over a color image, this could be the reason why. With color gone, it’s purely about the connection you have with the subject.  The color of the trees and shrubs, buildings and lamp posts are all irrelevant as the focus becomes the emotional bond between the embracing family.

Its A Classic
One of the most common reasons people want to shoot in black and white today is because it lends a certain timeless quality to the images. This is because we still think of black and white as being a throwback to the photographic past. Of course, it is in terms of black and white was much more prevalent before color, but this is still a great reason to shoot black and white. Black and white never seems to fade from being fashion forward and its seen as an elegant and sophisticated choice by many of my clients.


It Amplifies Your Use of Space

Negative space – the areas of the frame that have nothing in them, are easier to showcase and highlight when shooting black and white. This relates back to minimizing distractions from not shooting in color. You tend to focus on light and dark areas of the frame – and their inter-relationship. Playing with negative space is also useful in separating your subject nicely from the background and give added depth to the image.  Black and white can help to highlight a shape and form or pattern in the image that might be overlooked in a full colour image.

To Highlight Beauty and Skin Tones

It doesn’t matter what race, color or background you happen to be – black and white photography provides wonderful tonal range between the deepest blacks and the whitest whites. Garishly colorful makeup is no longer distracting.  Pigments, discoloration and distracting elements of the skin can become less obvious. I particularly love this when I am emphasizing a newborns skin and wrinkles.  Its that light bath or glow if you like that separates the baby from everything else and proves to shape our attention directly at the newborn.


Love the black and white look? Give us a call today to discuss what you want from your next photo shoot.  TEL: 8858 0088; Whatsapp Us; or email us at


A Mums reflection …

As parents we are caught in this constant mental and emotional state of wanting our children to grow up so that we can see all of their achievements and then on the other hand wanting them to remain small and child like forever needing their parents.  Its this constant conundrum that we go back and fourth with that keeps us on our toes as parents.  

Its for this reason that I love being a photographer.  I recently met with one of my clients who is pregnant for the second time and with this pregnancy she finds herself reflecting over and over again her firsts newborns photos.  She uses these images to try and imagine what it will be like welcoming this new baby in the family dynamic and how much she loved those first few months of bonding with her first.
This is how powerful family imagery is, it brings back raw emotions of being a parent to a newborn and it creates the perfect moment of sweet reflection and excitement for the impending future arrival.

The client revealed that reflecting back on those first newborn photos made her proud as a mother, how much she had accomplished and how much more confident she felt for the arrival of this new baby.  She even mentioned that she is looking forward to the next newborn shoot as she feels so much more relaxed about the whole experience of motherhood. With a witty joke she comment that “you always have to do for the second what you did for the first.”  Another reason that I love my job – just that the returning clients who come back and show me their new and extended family
Happy growing families are my inspiration and I can’t wait to meet this new arrival as I have so many before.” Time flies” I reminded my client, enjoy this second pregnancy and see you soon.

If you are interested to have your newborn photographed, please give us a call on 8858 0088.  Make sure to book in early as we only do a limited set of newborn shoots per month




8 years of friendship and memories…

The Morris family started their life in Singapore as a young and happy married couple and over the 8 years… they left with 2 beautiful children, 8 years worth of photographic memories as well as countless friends that they have met in Singapore.

To some, family photography is a service… but for people who know, they are just an activity that create the memories that you will hold onto dearly… It is the story of their family life and I am honored to be part of it.

If you are looking to do it for your family… give us a call on 8858 0088 and see how we can start capture and preserve those memories for you…

This is the 8 years journey of the Morris Family…

Well, this is it folks…

You can continue to wait and your children just grown up before your eyes and all you have are those iPhone snapshots without you in it…

If you like to build a relationship with us for your family… drop us an email at or give us a call on 8858 0088



Hart Tan

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