Personal Project – Maternity Photography with Jana

I am going to start doing things that I always wanted to do and never get to do it due to my busy schedule… so its time I shoot for myself again and hope I find something that further my work that I love creating for my clients.

I have invited a friend of mine that I met through a common friend… I love her individuality and I love those Tattoo that she has and she is having the first baby… so after a few postponement due to some health issue from my end, finally, i got to meet her in my studio and I have decided to shoot a little differently from my usual stuff.

Shoot with Sony A7 and vintage collapsible Leica 5cm f2.0 Summicron which was produces around 1950’s-1960’s… I choose to shoot with this lens mainly due to how it renders the images as well as low contrast… I love how it pull all the shadow details and the image looks softer and less “sharp” but a lot of details to play with even shooting at f2.0 all the time.

Most of the images you see below are pretty much coming straight from the camera and I just love it…


However, the most important things in the images are the subject and how the light effect the overall effect of the images.

Jana is a very confident, a lot of fun to work with as well as positive personality… I just love working with her…


I see images in B&W in this shoot…  and here are the images created during the session.

Tips for Travel Photography

Making pictures during travel is often challenging when you have 3 kiddo in tow. Family, Landscape, portrait of my children are important part of my photography during travel.

You want to spend time with your family and experience different things during the trip but of course, some “record” of the trip is great to refresh the memories.

So the kit should be great for me to capture the high quality images while being not too heavy to bring around.

Here is what I bring with me:

1. Sony A7 Body – very compact full frame camera
2. Sony Carl Zeiss 24-70 f4 – New lens for A7, very modern rendering with great color but lack of the “classic” feel that I love
3. Minolta 70-210 f4 – a beautiful 20+ years lens that gives me the characteristic that I love.
4. Leica 50mm f1.4 Summilux – a beautiful old lens that really gives the “classic” feel to the image that I love…
5. Voigtlander 12mm f5.6 – Beautiful wide angle prime lens which is my choice for wide angle shot.
6. All in a small Domke F-3X bag
7. Gitzo traveller series CF tripod.
8. MacBook Pro 13″ laptop

These are my working tool that I use regularly to shoot beautiful portrait for my customers too.

So, what do I take?
I usually take about 40-50 images a day and usually it is a record of what I experience during the trip. I will get someone take a couple “family” shot of us and majority of time, I just take my kiddo running around as well as some images that let me remember my travel. I am not so much of “portrait” of street people because I can’t spend time with them hence, can’t understand more of them, so I don’t take picture of people on the street.

Anyway, here is some of the images I took during this trip to Cambodia and Vietnam.

I hope this article helps you to decide what you want to bring and what you could take.


Hart Tan



22 11 11 – 22 11 12 — One Year

In one year, a lot of things happen… same time last year, I was mourning the lost of my mother and a year later, I am still mourning, but using the energy to capture memories of my youngest Son for being 16 months exactly today… (Side track… my 3 children were born on 11, 11 and 22th day… my mother understand that I am always busy, so she picked an easy date for me to remember her… a mother’s love.)

I always believe, It is not what happen to you that matter so much, but what you choose to do in life is more important…

I choose to be true to myself and true to what I truly believe in life, it matters, at least to me and I hope it matters to some people too.

Anyway… life is not always easy… everyone have choices in life… and what choice will you make in preserving your memory of your children? buy a camera, learn how to use it and take more photos… of course, the easiest way would probably just send me an email and I will do it for you  🙂

Here are some images from a quick snap today… taken with Sony NEX 7 + Leica 90mm f2 summicron at local park near home.


Thank you for supporting our journey in preserving memories of children and family.



Marina Bay – My family….

Hello all,

Swim class is cancelled today due to gloomy weather today so decided to bring kiddo for an evening walk around Marina Bay area… it is always nice to go out and spend a lazy evening together…

I had Leica M8 with me to test out my latest addition 90 Summicron.

The first image is a stitch panoramic image made up of 11 images taken handheld with M8 and 50 lux @ f16. I was amaze how well the stitch came out and the full size span 58 inches and some 250mb tiff files. It is a dull day, so I turn everything B&W… but I reckon that images came out of M8 suited more for B&W for its contrast rather then color… but then again, I always have soft spot for B&W images. The next 3 images were taken with 90 cron. I think this lens has more towards a modern rendering which I don’t mind… I still love the older 50 lux which give you a very details image and a touch of classic rendering… Will use more of that for months to come.

March was really busy and April seems to be the same… so I am finding every possible time to spend with my kids… they grow up way too quickly and I enjoy the process of watching them grow up.

Take care and time for an early nite tonight.


Love always…


Something Different – Personal Work


Over the years, I have taken lots of pictures and most of these probably never end up been shown anywhere nor printed.

I was approached by various people to show my personal work so i did some digging last night and here are some that I really love and proud of…

Just something different from my usual work.



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