New “HOME” for Tomato Photo – {Children Photography Singapore}

Hello all…

Some of you might know that we are moving in the next couple of months.

We just outgrown our current studio and we are moving to the new and permanent home for Tomato Photo.

About 3 months ago, we bought a terrace house along Onan Road and after much planning, renovation work has begun…

Downstairs will be our gallery and studio combine and we will be living upstairs until we have more money for commercial property to move our business to….

The new studio will be much bigger then the current one… so I am thinking of having more “photography gathering” in months to come… (after the sleepless night of 3rd baby is over obviously).

So here is how it looks now…

Will be updating this post when I have more photos when its done…

I am grateful for the support from all of our clients who make all these possible… Do continue to support us when we finally move to this new location.


An Evening With Tomato Photo {Children and Newborn Photography} @ Singapore Art Museum – 1 July 2011

Hi all,

Tomato Photo has been invited by Singapore Art Museum to give a talk on Children and Newborn Photography for July 2011.

It is an honor to be given such privilege to share my vision in Children and Newborn Photography using Natural Light.

The registration started this morning and I believe it is full about 6 hours from the start of the registration… The respond is amazing… and I am grateful.

The event was a great success with more then 100 people turn up and glad that no one fall asleep during my 75 minutes talk… There were a lot of my “competitors” in the room…  it was interesting. Thank you everyone who put in their hard work to make this possible and for those who came to support the talk.

Tomato Photo

Time to slow down?

Hello all,

Please bear with me with a long post about my thoughts… U may skip if it bores you…

I thought yesterday was Monday. Gosh… It is Friday night at 10am and I just realized how the time just slip away.

I thought Christmas was like yesterday and it hit me hard that it is end of June….

Looking of those images of my children seems to feel like they were taken a few days ago and how much they have grown… And the 3rd is just around the corner.

I would like to thank you all in making my life a lot more interesting being a photographer.

I would like to say sorry to some potential that I am unable to offer my service due to my schedule for the couple of months.

June seems to be our biggest month for 2011 so far and July’s schedule seems to be quite packed as days goes by. It beats my busiest months for the last 5 months of 2010.

Unfortunately, I seems to feel that I don’t have time for everything else that evolve around my life… I start to feel under pressure as no matter how I refine and streamline my processes, I just can’t seems to work fast enough even with 2 Macs running…..

Somehow, I feel it’s time to stop and rethink my strategies as crazy Christmas season is just around the corner.

Increasing my price to reduce the volume strategies doesn’t seems to work that well anymore, and I am grateful for the overwhelming support that my clients have shown me.

Should I start to say NO?

It’s harder than I thought…. As a business operator, you will always wonder how much job you will have next month or the month after… Though every month turn out to be ok.

I start to feel awfully bad when I have my children and wife in the van and doing the deliveries and my children would complaint about having to sit in the van for several hours. I do miss them when they are not with me but having them with me makes me feel bad…

I just feel that it is getting difficult to balance it as compared to 6 months ago…

We seems to attract quite a bit of positive publicity recently… Started with sold out coffee morning sessions with Expat Living , collaboration with Jimmy Choo… Then talk at Singapore Art Museum on 1 July for a room of 100+ people, and my monthly sharing with Aspiring Photographers.

At the same time, I am thinking of offering mentorship to assuring Photographers… I may have to rethink and plan it right.

To be honest, I feel life will be a lot simpler if I just shoot and nit doing anything else. But at the same time, I do have the urge to do whole processes.

Watching “Gone in 60seconds” while working last night, and I learnt that to be honest, you will have to work double as hard…

I saw a photographer’s how they simply don’t care to even clean the mess before giving to their client while charging a lot more then me makes me wonder. Have I really done too much? Or they have not done enough? I got really confused,

One thing for sure… For aspiring Photographers out there… Make sure you don’t compare your work to others and it is a journey without an end. So enjoy your work and do what according to your personal view…

I shall leave it here and go back to my “cave” to rethink my strategy.



Exciting Collaborations…

Hello all,

For those who loves Jimmy Choo handbags and Shoes for their design and quality as well as the prestige, you would love to know about the collaboration between Tomato Photo, Jimmy Choo, Shu Uemura and Action Hair Salon.

Tomato Photo was invited to be one of their exclusive partners for Jimmy Choo campaign for both Singapore and KL, unfortunately, due to our tight schedules, Tomato Photo will concentrate in Singapore market for this campaign.

Tomato Photo has a humble beginning with a simple dream of preserving memories for our clients, hence we are very please to be recognised as one of the most reputable photography studio in Singapore to be considered working with some of the international prestige brands.

If you have been looking to spend on those luxury shoes and handbags from Jimmy Choo and love to photograph by us, make sure you start doing something now….

Thanks to clients who put trust in us that make us who we are…



Last week of 2010

Hello all,

First of all, wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2011.

2010 come and go so quickly…. It seems like yesterday as the year started and it is the very last week for 2010.

We are very very please with the results for 2010 and will continue to grow to serve our clients (both existing and potential clients) the best we could. 
Our focus for 2011 will be to further enhancing the total client’s experience from the second they hit our website to receive the finish products. 

Great image is just a starting point and what is important is the “process”and finish off with products that we proud of.

We have a lot of things in store for everyone for 2011…. it will be sent to everyone who is on our mailing list as soon as we confirm the details….

Once again… The year ended with the highlight of our work being featured in PhotoYou magazine for the second time for 2010… (Sadly…. miss print on our brand name… Tomato Photo).

2010 perhaps finish for many of our clients who is now close to their family and friends… however, we are still finishing off a handful of shoots in this coming week….
Here are a few images of newborn that I love….


Tomato Photo

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