work vs family life…. how to balance them….

Hello all….
I thought this is quite an interesting topic to post as I was joking about it with Polo this afternoon…
Here is how our little Tomato family do it….
As many would know, we have 2 beautiful and active boys….
I want to function as a Daddy, someone who preserve memories for my clients, retoucher to images that I shoot, the QC manager to all my images and products, a delivery man for products to all our clients, (yes, I insist to do it myself for item that can’t be posted safely), a husband and someone who put food on the table at the same time….. and hopefully have something left for the children’s education in the future…
As we know, we have 24 hours in a day… every month, on average, I shoot about 1-2 sessions per day…
Many of our clients might have seen our little Tomato Photo van which have a big red TOMATO on its roof running around…
If you see 4 people in it… that me, Polo, Alex and Oliver…. so say hi next time if you happen to past by our little Tomato Van.
So we pack 4 people, water and food for the kiddo and us, client’s order, cameras and lenses and off we go….
Me shooting, Polo bring kids around to post client’s order, feed them and keep them happy… then we meet again as a family… in between if I have the time, I will bring them to Sentosa if I have shoots in Sentosa and Alex loves the “monorail” and you won’t believe how often we are at the zoo….
Take a typical day like today… (of course, if I am doing 3-5 sessions a day… I will be all alone)…..
  • We wake up at 7ish am.. feed the kids….
  • We put everyone and everything in the van at 10am…
  • —- still squeeze in a quick shop for kiddo’s food at Tanglin mall… before the first delivery…
  • 1st delivery at 10:30am….
  • 2nd delivery at 11:30am…
  • Butterfly park at Sentosa at 11:45am
  • Lunch at 1pm
  • Shoot at 2pm
  • 3rd delivery at 4pm
  • Singapore zoo at 4:30pm
  • Home at 7pm.
Kids are asleep by 8pm and its time to reply emails… download images, process images…. and if we are lucky… 12 midnight when everything slows down…
Of course, we also take phone call, reply email on our iPad and schedule sessions on the run… and thank Steve jobs for iPad and whoever invented Mobile internet… we are greatful for it…
So please pardon me if I get distracted with kids yelling in the van or you can hear children’s voices in the background…
So… it that will be a typical “working and family time” for our little Tomato family….
I think with the amount of car ride for the kiddo, they should do fine for Bali round trip everyday in the plane… hahahaha
and lastly… I thank God for giving me the energy and health to run around; and clients for the opportunity for us to spend time together….and most importantly… Glad that Singapore is pretty small which one can do so many things in a day….
Tomato Photo

Lovely people, lovely friends….. of Tomato Photo


End of the year is often filled with lots of activities and lots of running around to make sure things happen in the right order and business is being promoted correctly.

It is a busy time where lack of sleep and long hour are a norm….

On another note, you may notice on the street there is a little fridge-like Van with Tomato Photo logo. That’s me in the van most of the time.

It is amazing how many of our friends and clients will email and SMS me after seeing our van.

It’s fun and it’s great to see what our clients remember us….

We were at Hollandse club last Friday and of course The van was parked in the vicinity… End of day after packing, when walking to my van, I notice a note on the windscreen… I thought… “did I park at the wrong place?” to my surprise and delight…

The note was from friend of Tomato Photo…

Dear Hart,

Love you!!!

Janice, Chirsty and Gommy

It is very very nice gesture and love you guys too….

World is a better place with love…



Updated website

Hello all,

Just a quick announcement that we have just updated our website with more recent images.

More images on newborn, children and family sections.

Hope you guys love them as much as I love them.

Check it out…



Tomato Photo

October 2010 – children photography, business in photography, wedding photography…


I think October 2010 will be the highlight to the year.

The month started early at 7am on 1 Oct 2010 and 6 shoots on 1 day with twins newborn session which went really well and the day ended at 11.30pm. So that is about 17 hours. Follow by newborn session almost everyday since 29 September.

Apart from the photography, it is a privileged to run a course on “Business in Photography” for fellow photographer who is either new to the business, struggling to get enough jobs to make the ends meet to photographer who is looking to expanding their business.

The course was attended by 11 professional photographers and freelance Photographers. It was fully booked about 5 days from the initial introduction, I guess people are curious about how we gain enormous business in a very short time and maintain it. There is no secret and no magic.. Just an honest business practice by creating interesting images that client is looking for.

The course was suppose to run for 2 hours but over run by another 3 hours due to the amount of questions and interest from the attendees. I think I should run another one if I can squeeze in a time for it…

I lost my voice for a couple of days and still run like a headless chicken… The peak season is truly here… And I feel a lot more creative than before and have been trying a lot of new set of images which will be introduced when I am ready.

Well, as of end of September, our total number of shoot per month has been exceeded in Oct but we will try to squeeze in more clients as we believe in serving our clients rather than turn people away by telling them we are fully booked.

There are a couple of wedding shoots this months along with the usual family and newborn photography…

Well, It is always said, when you are busy, it is a good problem to have… And I guess all the upgrade in our infrastructures was a good decision to make and hope our ridiculous target will be met again… And we are a step closer to our dream.

I took on what Steve Jobs’ mention in his speech at Stanford graduation ceremony…

Stay hungry and stay foolish…

Love my life and love my work.. (although lack of sleep)



New Server… New Website for our subsidiary….

Hello all,
As our business continue to grow, there are a lot of changes made in our infrastructures to cope with the demand.

First up, we have moved to a much bigger server to allow for the increase in demand to our server. Our old server is just about max up….  both on the storage and the email, we are upgrading so there is no disruption due to limit on our server. The transition so far has been smooth without any hiccup… thanks to the team behind our new server…
However, you may discover that the loading time for our website is may slower slightly temporary until all the changes are completed.

Secondly, We are also quite happy to announce that the website for our Subsidiary’s company Bambini Photography has been completely overhaul featuring bigger pictures and easy to use interface as well as featuring both our photographer’s work… Asri and Nigel
So do visit if you get a chance.
We are heading into another year of tremendous growth both in Tomato Photo and Bambini Photography. We still have 4 months ahead of us and I am very positive that we will hit our target again…
More changes are on the way in upgrading our service to all our clients….
Despite our achievement, we deeply appreciate the effort that our clients do in promoting our business to their friends and family. Without them, none of the above would be possible.
Our clients are the reason why we exist and they are the people who put food on our table…
Thank you….

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