Generation Family Portrait Photoshoot

Generation Family Portrait Photoshoot

What Kind of Combination Do You Get As Client?

Generation Family Portrait photoshoot is a great way to celebrate any milestone. Be it the the Big Five O for yourself or your other half, or the big 60th or 70th or 80th Birthday of grandparents.

Or Simply a great way to remember everyone at this special time of our life.

There’s no better way to capture family’s milestone then a Generation Family Portrait Photoshoot.

Your session will be done in most efficient way while having ample time to change outfit. We generally aim to complete the session in 1- 1.5 hours. Furthermore, Our studio is designed to have 3 changing rooms that allow 3 group of people changing at the same time.

Oh! Did we mentioned that our studio is easy access for oldies with walking challenges or on wheelchair and children with stroller.

Your Generation Family Portrait photoshoot experience is purposefully curated so it is long enough to get many different variations and combination, while it is short enough for your family to stay engage in the Generation Family Portrait Photoshoot.

Your Accredited Master Photographer, Hart Tan, will ensure you feel fully in control through his expert guidance. He is highly observant to your needs and will ensure they are met before you need them. Of course, if you do need some immediate attention, be sure to let us know and we are more than happy to help you to make the whole an experience to remember for your family.

Generation Family Photoshoot combinations and its meaning:

We get ask a lot on what kind of images that our clients are expected to see after the session, we thought we compile a list of most requestion combinations.

The whole family – The most important shot
Grandparents with Their original Children – relive the good old days
Grandparents with Original children + Spouses – An extension of the good old days
Grandparents with Grandchildren – The legacy through generations
Grandparents – The beginning
Grandpa and Grandma Solo – The glorious time in their personal life.
Each Family with Grandparents – The roots of each family showing
Each Family on their own – Your own important family nucleus
Sibling shots
All Male in the family
All Female in the family
Individual shots of everyone
LinkedIn profile of those who is working
Passport Photo of those needed to renew their passport

From the list, you know that you are getting everything done in one session… and of course, if you have anything in mind, we are happy to help once we get the important images done.

To See more, please visit our Generation Family Portrait Photoshoot Gallery

It is all about You!

Our studio is the 6th Professional studios that we have build and operate over one decade. 

We have been in shophouse for the longest time since 2008, as much as we love the character of the shophouse, we have moved to a studio that better serve needs of family who has young children and older parents and more convenient sheltered parking away from heat and rain.
We believe, It is the most conducive one yet to fulfil the  needs of every single clients for Generation Family Portrait Photoshoot.

Here are the features that keep our clients coming:

1. Wheelchair & Stroller Friendly – this is very important if you have age grandparents or parents who have bad knees as well as parents who has young children.
2. Dedicated Changing Rooms for up to 3 groups – So no one need to wait.
3. Sheltered Parking area – and ample of parking for your families.
4. Short Walk from MRT – Those who don’t drive easily access to our studio via public transportation
5. Acoustically design studio – conducive family shoot with appropriate music to keep your family relax and session enjoyable.

Our curated backdrop system are professionally design to ensure the final output of your wall art will compliment your decor at your home.

Our curated backdrop combine modern yet classic that is well loved by the older generation and also satisfy the needs of younger generation who love modern looking images.

We also have specially curated realistic backdrop that offer you the outdoor feel while stay within the comfort of air condition space.

Most importantly, we understand your needs to have a piece of your legacy capture and preserve in the most comfortable setting.

Some of our clients have tried many others, and most decided to continue their legacy with Tomato Photo, I think our client Melanie Koh sums it up with her experience below.

“Thank you, Hart, once again for the lovely photos! We have been photographing with Hart since my boys were toddlers and they’re now teenagers! His service has always been consistent and the quality of the final result truly unparalleled. I’ve always looked forward to receiving my proofs cos I know he never disappoints. Hart is as good with kids as he is with everyone of all ages. Patient and personable, friendly and flexible, Hart never fails to put his subjects at ease and every session is loads of fun for everyone! More than a decade ago, he was able to capture my toddler boys (not exactly the easiest of subjects) at their best and more than 10 years on, he continues to work his magic with them as teens (still not the easiest of subjects!) together with their little sister. We have tried other photographers over the years but absolutely none have come anywhere close to capturing everyone in their truest and most natural element. Hart is truly in a league of his own and I would strongly recommend anyone looking to get family photos to seek him out. Hart isn’t just talented, he is truly passionate about his art. His results speak for themselves – absolutely stunning images of precious moments in time. I cannot recommend him enough.”
Want to find out more about what other clients say about Tomato Photo? Please Visit our Google Page

Personalised Service with Master Craftsmanship Quality.

Last but not least, Your Photography session will be done personally by Accredited Master Photographer, Hart Tan. So you get all the consistency that he is known for.

Like what our clients Fad says:

I surfed through countless photographers, studios and reviews before deciding with Hart. His tariff are steeper than the others but it was his confidence in handling young children that won me over.

My daughter is not exactly the friendliest toddler but he manage to win her in a matter of minutes. So much so that she keep asking about him well after the shoot!

Communication pre and post shoot is grea. You will be given a comprehensive guide of what to do/not to do for a successful shoot and you can even text Hart directly.

Not only he is the only accredited master photographer that will do the session for you, he will personally ensure everything is up to his high level of standard within 2 days from the session.

Hart Tan is international multi-award winning master photographer, and have been awarded #1 Family Portrait studio by various media in Singapore for many consecutive years.

Tailored to your need:

Your session will be uniquely yours. We will work together to come out images that your family wanted and a mixture of meaningful legacy images that you want to leave to the next generation. Be it formal, casual, fun or cuddly…

Let’s get in touch and discuss how to fulfill your dream:

    Shooting Solo?

    Why Do I Shoot Alone

    Since 2008

    The Question:

    Every now and then, I do get asked the same question…“Hart, why do you work alone?”

    Isn’t it a case of “the more, the merrier” where having more people around helps to ensure that things get done faster and therefore….more efficiently?

    Sure, it can certainly feel impressive to have a team that can run around doing things on my behalf and make me look “important” during photoshoots but to be completely honest, I really don’t need an army to impress you during your photoshoot – I have generals that work behind the scenes and this allows me to show up in my best form to create work that you will love during your photoshoots with me, every single time.

    What if I were to turn up with big and expensive lighting and camera systems as a way of justify ing my costs… Sounds fancy, right?

    Would that really be justified, though?

    One of Many Stories:

    Let me explain further by sharing an experience I had a couple years ago during an extended family photoshoot…

    So, I remember I walked in to a client’s home with a rather compact system (read: mirrorless camera system), which raised an eyebrow and a remark was made on how “little” equipment I’d arrived with.

    As it turned out, my minimal system was instrumental in ensuring the experience went along smoothly. As soon as I took my camera out, the 2 year old child that was present instantly decided that she didn’t want to take any part in the photoshoot. Parents, you know too well how these things go…

    So yes, the little one decided that everyone else should be in front of the camera, without her. I learnt later on that it usually takes her a while to warm up to new faces..

    Of course, part of the reason why this photoshoot was arranged in the first place was to include this 2 year old girl in the photos along with everyone else plus, there were also visiting family members who were going to be around for only a limited time.

    And because I was alone, my minimal kit that comes with a silent shutter (so when you click, there is no clicking sound from the camera) was not distracting at all for the little girl while she took her time to open up to me; she wasn’t aware that I had started capturing images silently! As everyone sat down together in their places, I waited for the right moment and “PEEKABOO!”, she appeared at the exact spot that I wanted her to be in! As I continued capturing the shots (silently), she remained clueless but happy and in good spirits! All 14 family members were 100% relieved that we got it done beautifully.

    Later on, one of the clients shared with me that he had initial concerns with bulky gear and assistants tagging along for the big family shoot as he was worried these would really make things chaotic.. Needless to say he was rather glad that I turned up alone and with minimal gear!


    I haven’t always run a “one man show” during my photoshoots. In the past, my wife would tag along as my assistant for newborn photoshoots. In those days, I remember having to ask twice for the little things I’d I need during the photoshoot and it would take me 2-3 tries before I’d eventually get what I needed. This would often end up in intended moments being lost and therefore, not captured for my clients! It has taken us years of working together to learn to be better at being able to read the other’s creative mind, especially when time is of the essence.

    Sure, we’ve since trained ourselves to work really well together. But somewhere along the way, I also found myself wondering what would happen if one day my wife were to feel under the weather on the day of a photoshoot? What would I do then? Postpone the shoot?

    So I changed things further, and trained myself to run the show, solo. When clients choose to trust me in capturing their memories, it is my responsibility to ensure that I make it happen accordingly as they have planned whilst being as efficient as possible.

    The success of our business lies on the things that we can do for our clients before they even think about it.

    For example, those of you who have used boutique 5 star resort services, you’ll find that it is their ability to “pre-empt” what you need even before it crosses your mind that makes their service stand out.

    Now, this is not an easy task, but it is something we value and believe in, hence we have kept our business small, serving only a limited number of clients each month so that we can attend to each and every one to the best of our abilities.

    I would argue that having more than 1 person in a photoshoot is a luxury that is more beneficial to me as a photographer but not so much for you as a client as it becomes an unnecessary, additional cost to you.

    I have always preferred getting things done sooner rather than later and getting more work done for our clients at the lowest possible cost so that we can make enough to use the very best products for them while keeping the business thriving, even during the most difficult times.

    I love what I do, so I would love to keep myself competitive and continue to offer the best that I can to anyone who would love to work with us.

    Your Benefits:

    If you have read this far, let me assure you that me being a solo photographer has many benefits for you as a client.

    Here are the top 5:
    1. There will be only 1 stranger for your child(ren) to warm up to.
    2. Our cost stays competitive so you only pay for the results.
    2. Consistency is guaranteed so you know what you get.
    3. You’ll see images of your child looking directly into the camera with their natural, candid smiles.
    4. No third party disruptions; there will be no one else taking up space or interrupting my creative flow especially during crucial moments. These moments are unique and happen in a flash.

    So if you understand and love the idea of “Less is More”, I reckon we will work well together!

    Oh… have you see more than 1 conductor in an orchestra? No? Never? there must be a good reason why…

    Drop us a message and let’s see how we can work together…

      Minimalism….To Stand The Test Of Time

      Minimalistic Newborn Photography - Simple but not easy!

      These few quotes from famous people make a profound effect on the work that Hart is producing as he live and breathe Minimalistic Newborn Photography.
      Simplicity Is The Ultimate Sophistication – Leonardo Da Vinci

      Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean and make it simple. But its worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains
      – Steve Jobs
      It is always great to have options but sometimes, having too many options simply leaves us feeling lost, not knowing what or how to choose.
      This can happen in many aspects of life but we would like to focus on what we do best; our Signature Minimalistic Newborn Fine Art Photography.
      Naturally, you would have done some research and you might be feeling pretty overwhelmed with the choices available. Few props? Many props? Cute outfits? Themed setting? 
      Or perhaps deep down, you’d actually appreciate something minimalistic, yet classy and meaningful too?
      Newborn Photoshoot

      Your Baby Should be #1

      To be fair, including props in your photos does indeed add a WOW factor to the eyes of the viewer. However that also means that the props themselves stand out more. The eyes tend to notice the props first, then your baby. And as your baby has now become the centre of your universe, shouldn’t your baby take up the No. 1 spot instead? 
      It is true that using props and themes are very common these days with many parents choosing these styles.. So it makes their newborn photos pretty much the same as everyone else’s… Quite like McDonald’s in the hamburger world! Although there is nothing wrong with this, it is very common and probably more suited for people who love to follow trends.


      If you think about it, trends will always come and go. What is considered the “in” thing now will eventually become “outdated” after some time and props tend to amplify this more. 
      At Tomato Photo, we are of the opinion that a Newborn Photography Session should revolve around your newborn baby. This is why Tomato Photo’s style of newborn photography adopts a minimalistic approach; clean and simple with minimal use of props. Our focus will be on your newborn’s unique expressions, connections between parent and child, and how your baby looked when they were still in Mummy’s tummy. 



      What sets us apart is also the fact that we specifically look out for the ever-changing expressions of your newborn. This can be quite difficult to predict and is precisely why we are known for this! It takes minimalism to the next level which is all about pure, individual expressions. We find that this is one thing that parents really love!

      But Why Minimalistic?

      It has always been our vision to capture pure moments and genuine connections of your Family without the distractions of props, themes or costumes. And when it comes to Newborn photography, Hart’s original vision remains relevant even till today; to beautify a simple form of a newborn’s pose that mimics their positions in the womb. 

      Capturing newborn images like this represents truth, purity, the miracle of life.. These are things that even time cannot change for they are timeless! And when it is your own baby in the images, you will certainly feel a tug at your heartstrings and be glad that you took the time to freeze those precious moments. 

      Hart’s vision has remained unchanged since he started his professional photographic journey in 2008 and his style of work is still relevant today and still very much requested time and again. Clients simply love images that reflect their baby in the purest forms. Surely, that must count for something? Perhaps less really is more.

      Click here to explore more examples of our Signature Newborn Photography series

      In case you were wondering, here are some testimonials from other clients who have chosen us to capture their newborn photos..


      The newborn Photoshoot experience was heart-warming and very professional. Hart handles newborn very well. The photos were very well-taken which captured all the expressions of our new born and us. Overall awesome experience! – Quek Shu Jun

      Thank you Hart for the beautiful memories created for us! You have exceeded our expectations, capturing all possible angles of our newborn in such minute detail from his little ears to his hair and michelin folds on his back. You have also captured his many expressions and behaviours which was exactly what we were looking for. It was a joy watching how you handled the whole shoot by yourself with such ease and professionalism and how naturally you dealt with our baby. We’re sure he felt very relaxed too. And not forgetting the speed at which we could receive our photos, within the very next day! Thank you so much!

      If you believe in capturing this precious milestone of your newly born baby so you have some wonderful tangible memories to look back on, get in touch with us to see how we can help to turn those memories into pieces of art. 

        Preparing for your Newborn Photo Shoot

        Newborn Shoot Preparation

        When you’re pregnant, especially for the first time, it can be hard to imagine what it is going to be like to have a baby, let alone prepare for a newborn photo shoot.  

        The first two weeks are intense, but a little preparation will help make sure the photos from that special and unique time are ones you will enjoy for years to come. Tomato Photo is all about helping you preserve your precious memories.

        Kids and Newborn Photography

        Although there will be individual portraits, newborn photos don’t just have to be of your baby. Here are the 5 favourite variations of newborn shoot in one session.

        We highly recommend planning on photos of the whole newly expanded family at this special time. And yes, that includes you! Your inclination may be to avoid being in the photos, but we encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity to be photographed with your baby, even though you may not be feeling at your best.

        In years to come, you and your child will be glad to have these early photos, and you’ll want to include your partner, too.  Most importantly  include any siblings as well. They will be pleased to be included in the shoot and your newborn will be excited to see how little his or her older siblings were back at the time of the birth.

        Do you want to do birth announcements? How about framed prints, or wall canvases. Set aside a budget; planning ahead makes you more likely to actually follow through, even in those busy first months. If you’re planning on sending birth announcements, arrange the theme and cards now to save time after your baby is here!

        Family and Newborn Photoshoot

        If you have a special outfit in mind for your baby’s first photo shoot, pick it and set it aside it now! You might want to bring a couple of options in case one doesn’t fit well.

        Focus on outfits with special meaning, but if you don’t have anything in mind, don’t worry. Your baby will look great without clothes or wrapped in a blanket.  If you have a special blanket, toy or family heirloom, pack them, too. Maybe you have a silver rattle or other keepsake from when you were a baby, or a hand-knit blanket from a special relative. Plain but textured blankets work great in photos, either in muted or bright colours, but avoid busy patterns if you can.

        Don’t forget about yourself! You don’t have to get all dressed up. A simple white shirt or black T-shirt will work great along with your favorite pair of maternity jeans.   A beautiful necklace and some simple earrings can add a special touch.  Don’t feel you have to wear make-up, but if a little make-up will go a long way to making you feel confident in front of the camera.

        If your spouse, partner or other children will be in the photos, talk with them about what they will be most comfortable wearing. Keep it simple and don’t aim to get too dressed up. If you keep it casual and comfortable, everyone will be more relaxed. Don’t worry about having everyone match either. Just lay out all the outfits together on the bed to look and see if anything clashes. If it looks good to you, it will look good to you in the photos too.

        Singapore Newborn Photo Studio

        Sibling and Newborn Photography Singapore

        Remember the  more relaxed you are, the more relaxed your baby and the rest of the family will be, too. Enjoy this opportunity to bond and start out a lifelong tradition of captured moments.

        Wanting a newborn shoot for your little bundle of joy? Give us a call at +65 8858 0088 or Whatspp Us to secure your spot

        View Tomato Photo's Signature Newborn Images

        My mother….

        Hi all,

        For those of you who is on my facebook page (, you may have learn that on 22 Nov 2011, I lost my mother to Motor Neuron Disease which she has been battled for the past 10+ years. Unfortunately, her time is up before the cure is found.

        My mother is someone I look up to when I try to walk my life.

        She was a shelter for all of us whenever there were any issue or problem. She was an inspiration to me in bringing up my children and she has been my greatest inspiration which contribute to the success of my business. She once taught me, family is the most important in life and this is something that I need to remember.

        I do admit, no family is perfect, different people have different opinions which sometimes can lead to argument here and there but there isn’t an issue too big to resolve.

        She has given all her time to her family, defending and helping us to grow as individual. She might seems stubborn at times, but this make her unique in her way of defending for her family.

        Every now and then, she will insist a family portrait for our own family which at the time, I felt it was a waste of time as I have better things to do (I was naive and wrong)…. but little that I know it, it is a best memory that one could have of their family. Hence, my focus is on family portraiture who give meaning to my life.

        In business, she taught me to be genuine and honest, it is difficult to do so and there are always temptation to cut corner to make life a little easier by not doing the right thing… but the long term benefit of honest business works remarkably well.

        She was self-less and always think about others and that have help me to understand, although, we all do prioritize ourselves, we need to remember the joy of giving and help people who worth your time along the way to success.

        She was a perfectionist…. When she was around, we need to help her adjusting the position for the sleep due to her illness, we often joke, she has an accuracy of 0.1mm which means, you either get it right or get it wrong and she demand perfection. It is scary to be a perfectionist as you will never happy with everything that is done unless it is done at the highest level.

        She love beautiful things… her collection of dresses, diamonds and jewelry often make me wonder why do one person need so much jewelry… I later realise, it is not the actual item itself nor the volume makes someone happy… it is its quality and details that makes us appreciate the item.


        It is 3rd week now and the pain of losing someone dearly seems to be harder to digest….

        Death sometimes gives you the perspective in life and we often are too busy to even realise what is around us… what we have done and how our surrounding react to what we have done. Life isn’t simple but how you live your life today is more important than yesterday.


        So look forward and learn your mistake and make tomorrow a better day!.





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