Mother is a special person in this world.

Someone who carry little life within their body around 40 weeks
Someone who spend hours reading and preparing for the arrival of the little baby
Someone who spend 24/7 working non-stop sacrificing everything they have just for your child(ren)
Someone who always give a shoulder to cry on
Someone who always welcome you with their open arms whoever you are as their children
the list goes on…

Sophie is a smiley little girls that come through our studio for some shots with her mom… I love the spontaneity and free spirit she has… life isn’t always perfect, but everyone have capacity to love and be loved and smile is something free that everyone posses.

Sometimes, I find it amazing about my work as photographer who posses the ability to immortalize those moment in time that bring joy to people who is looking at those images.

I hope you enjoy looking through those beautiful moments between mother and child.

It always made my day when I exceeded my client’s expectation.

It is always interesting to find out more from our client after the session and see what we can improve as well as what we have done right…

Jingwen wrote me an email on her reservation prior to the booking and what they enjoy, here is her words:

1) biggest fear is that the child wouldn’t be cooperative and the photos won’t turn out nicely. But you were really great in setting up rapport with Sophie and needless to say the photos are wonderful.

2) actually I think Sophie and I enjoyed all parts of the session.. cos there’s a good mix of different elements, indoor / outdoor, diff props, water play etc. Most importantly my kid wasn’t bored and enjoyed herself the whole time   🙂

3) it’s what I’m already telling ppl. . You are very expensive but absolutely worth it. Esp if one values pictures that capture the kids as they are, instead of the more commercial photo studios that emphasis multiple outfits and backgrounds / props.

Anyway my husband has already said that in future we will just go to you for family photo shoots.  After looking through the gallery he mentioned there is no need to shop around for photographers / studios.  How’s that for a compliment… 🙂

I can understand my rates are the major deterrence for potential clients to consider my work, however, clients who booked me seems to think the price I charge matches the value that I offer with the quality of the work, experience and solving their fear of kids not being cooperative.

I wrote about how I price my work and the business side of photography previously on this blogpost, so have a read if you have time.


Hart Tan