Choosing The Right Photography Studio

How does one decide this?

Tomato Photo was born out of a passion for people and photography; Hart loves engaging with people and photography has been a lifetime hobby of his, which makes these two things the perfect combination for portrait photography.

With major accolades under his belt, stunning images that touch your heart is one of the basic things that you would expect from his work, no less.

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In every session, we set the pace from the moment you arrive in our studio:

  • Does your family need time to settle in?
  • Do your children need time to warm up? Or perhaps, some of your family members are in a rush even though they want to be a part of the shoot?
  • Does your family feel bored if the tempo of the session is too slow? Does your family feel things are rushed if the tempo is too fast?

These are seemingly small or ‘non-essential’ but critical things that differentiate the experience you have when shooting with Tomato Photo.

Most of the time, Hart would be able to navigate through your needs by mingling with your family on the day. Of course, if you need him to know more beforehand, you will have direct access to him once your session is confirmed.

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But let’s sidetrack a little..

We are often curious about how and why our clients end up selecting our service. So, sometimes during the warm up sessions, we like have chats with them to understand – it’s always great to learn directly from the people you work with!

Here’s what we concluded..

It’s clear that some of the first few attributes that come to mind are Preferred Photography Styles, Reasonable Fees, Good Credentials and 5* Reviews.

How do these benefit you?

At Tomato Photo, we focus on You and Your Family; Natural, Genuine & Heartwarming images that are created by a Master Photographer Hart who has been photographing Families and Kids since 2008.

We use our rates to control the volume of shoots we do so that Hart, being a ‘one man show’, is able to give 100% to each and every shoot he manages, since people and photography are his passions.

Furthermore, Hart is one of those people who has the knack of working well with kids and babies so there is no need for parents to worry about how the images are going to turn out – just leave it all in his hands and watch him do his thing. These in turn lead to successful shoots with many of our clients returning for more over the years. A quick look at our google reviews reflects this.

To add on more details that clients have mentioned…

  • Somehow, the people in the images on our website look genuinely happy.
  • They get to work with Hart himself as the creator of all the images on our website (as our collection of images are not created by multiple photographers).
  • Online reviews seem to be left by genuine clients who have used Tomato Photo’s service.
  • There is no need to come back to studio for selection on product orders.
  • Our rates are comparable to other studios, though they get more value through variations and different photo combinations during their shoots.
  • It is easy to bring along elderly parents or grandparents with the accessible lift lobby.
  • Parking is easily available.

But there’s more!

This time, from our returning clients who provided insight on the unique factors that serve as a no-brainer in picking Tomato Photo over and over again. Let’s expand on these….

“A personal touch.”
Being a Boutique Studio consisting of a small, dedicated team of two, it means there’s someone looking after client enquiries and bookings while Hart looks after the photography sessions and ordering process. It is always nice to feel like you are more than just a number and that your specific needs are acknowledged and addressed.

“Assurance & Direct access to Master Photographer Hart.”
You may already know that we have just one photographer (Hart) in Tomato Photo. This means that there is consistency in the work we produce since it comes from one source. Clients are also able to contact Hart directly if they need anything along the way.

For example, you can reach him on WhatsApp ahead of time, at your convenience, if you have further queries or specific things that you want him to pay attention to. Last minute question at 10.07pm? No problem. As long as he is available, he is more than happy to help, that’s the personalised service that our clients experience.

“Clear instructions.”
Full and upfront details on our services and rates or packages are shared with prospective clients right from the get go. Not forgetting Booking Steps & shoot details like What to Expect or How to Prepare, and so on. Our team is also available for further assistance during our office hours. Alternatively, Hart is also available after hours to assist clients who have already secured their sessions.

“Nothing gets lost in translation.”
We understand that nothing is perfect in this world, and that includes us. So if you have editing requests for whatever reasons, we can take care of that personally. Till today, Hart still personally edits all the images he creates for Tomato Photo.

If you’ve made it here, thank you for reading! And thank you to all the families who have shared your priceless feedback with us.

If our vision and the attributes mentioned above also mean a lot to you and your family, feel free to give us a buzz sometime and we can work together to capture some beautiful moments for you and your family too!

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