We have been talking about doing some charity work to help the needy since July. However, bookings have kept us busy since we started in March 2008.

Yes, Finally we did it…

Christmas is a time of giving, so we can’t find a better time to do what we intend to do.

So on 24-26 Dec 2008, we did a charity shoot around the common area of our residence….

We are glad that we have raised $1500 for Autism Resource Centre to help the Autism kids to develop skill which enable them to be like many of us.

It is a very small amount comparing what they need, but we do hope it helps.

What we wish to see is if every photographer in this world can spare few days in a year from their busy schedule to help the needy, it will bring lots of smile to those in need.

Helping the needy doesn’t have to be in material form… it could be a simple visit to people in need and listen and caring for them… if you could put a smile in someone’s face, you deserve a pat at the back.

After all, we are in SMILING business….

We shall update some of the images taken during this event when we post processed some of them. Until then…

We wish everyone Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year….