Every year, many families including ours planning for holiday either locally or within the region or some place far away…

Holiday is an interesting way to relax, spending time together, recharge, refresh and ready to tackle what’s ahead of us when we are back.

Our children loves animal, playground and intrigue with natural and we love some where that is quiet, some place to think.

Pictures are great way to remember what we do, where we go, food we eat, and most importantly, what our kids do… I love capturing what our kids do as that reminds me of who they were as they grow… It is always a great pleasure to see those images of them growing up. I tend to organise those picture in an album with images that I took of them… they could tell me so much details about our holiday that we did years ago and I thought, their memories are good but only discover that they co-sleeping with those album from time to time. That gives me the motivation to keep doing it and best part of being a photographer, I have an in-house album designer who can take on the job for me… if left to me, nothing will be done.

However, for those who know how, have the time and willing to do it themselves… there are a few album printers in Singapore/Malaysia… (I have not tried them, but they seems to be legit, check them out before making a purchase…)

1. Photo Genie – http://www.photogenie.com/
2. Photobook – http://www.photobooksingapore.com/
3. Photobookmart – http://www.photobookmart.com.my/
4. Fotohub – http://www.fotohub.com/

I have help some of my clients to do the same using the resources that we have to get their holiday pictures organised. It is the part of what I believe in preserving memories… helping others to have something tangible to remember their holiday with. So why don’t email us if you simply want something to keep yet find it difficult to jungle everything yourself while have the layout done by professional album designer?



Hart Tan
Associate Master Photographer