Hello all,

March was a very busy month and I have an opportunity to capture some images for a gorgeous family of 3…

Charlotte arrive as a shy little girl who hides behind mommy… after a good 15 minutes of warming up, her smile is simply make my day.

The shoot was relatively short and only lasted 30-40 minutes but there are so many shots that I love, I will feature just some of them here…

It is always nice to hear from clients on their experience in using Tomato Photo’s service… and here is the email I receive from Ashley…

Hi Hart,

You have captured the sweetest moment of us especially Charlotte. These are the moment which will be never repeated but you’ve managed to capture and make it the best memories for us.

Simply love the way you photographed because we feel there is a meaning behind every photo, a story to tell everyone.

Your photos are indeed the best present we can give our girl as her 1st birthday present, a memory that were never fade away.

A BIG Thank You for the beautiful memories.

Best Regards,

Vincent & Ashley