Taking portrait of children is always challenging, the challenging part isn’t on the photography itself, but the understanding on how to bring the true-self of the child out. A good portrait is one that show the person as who they are or the best of themselves. This is ultimate goal of every portrait photographer.

Great moment don’t just happen right when you want to, it is a photographer’s job to ensure, that suggestion are made based on the study of the people, create an opportunity for the moment to happen at the right time.

I am delighted to photograph JJ and his parents at their favorite location, Marina Bay Promenade, it is a beautiful and serene place early in the morning and I simply love it.

JJ is a shy but cheerful child and extremely protective of his “toy cars/bike”. You have to earn his trust before he show you, and you have to be his friend before he let you share the toys…

I love the connection of the family, it is unique to this family…



Hart Tan