Generation Family Portrait Photoshoot

What Kind of Combination Do You Get As Client?

Generation Family Portrait photoshoot is a great way to celebrate any milestone. Be it the the Big Five O for yourself or your other half, or the big 60th or 70th or 80th Birthday of grandparents.

Or Simply a great way to remember everyone at this special time of our life.

There’s no better way to capture family’s milestone then a Generation Family Portrait Photoshoot.

Your session will be done in most efficient way while having ample time to change outfit. We generally aim to complete the session in 1- 1.5 hours. Furthermore, Our studio is designed to have 3 changing rooms that allow 3 group of people changing at the same time.

Oh! Did we mentioned that our studio is easy access for oldies with walking challenges or on wheelchair and children with stroller.

Your Generation Family Portrait photoshoot experience is purposefully curated so it is long enough to get many different variations and combination, while it is short enough for your family to stay engage in the Generation Family Portrait Photoshoot.

Your Accredited Master Photographer, Hart Tan, will ensure you feel fully in control through his expert guidance. He is highly observant to your needs and will ensure they are met before you need them. Of course, if you do need some immediate attention, be sure to let us know and we are more than happy to help you to make the whole an experience to remember for your family.

Generation Family Photoshoot combinations and its meaning:

We get ask a lot on what kind of images that our clients are expected to see after the session, we thought we compile a list of most requestion combinations.

The whole family – The most important shot
Grandparents with Their original Children – relive the good old days
Grandparents with Original children + Spouses – An extension of the good old days
Grandparents with Grandchildren – The legacy through generations
Grandparents – The beginning
Grandpa and Grandma Solo – The glorious time in their personal life.
Each Family with Grandparents – The roots of each family showing
Each Family on their own – Your own important family nucleus
Sibling shots
All Male in the family
All Female in the family
Individual shots of everyone
LinkedIn profile of those who is working
Passport Photo of those needed to renew their passport

From the list, you know that you are getting everything done in one session… and of course, if you have anything in mind, we are happy to help once we get the important images done.

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It is all about You!

Our studio is the 6th Professional studios that we have build and operate over one decade. 

We have been in shophouse for the longest time since 2008, as much as we love the character of the shophouse, we have moved to a studio that better serve needs of family who has young children and older parents and more convenient sheltered parking away from heat and rain.
We believe, It is the most conducive one yet to fulfil the  needs of every single clients for Generation Family Portrait Photoshoot.

Here are the features that keep our clients coming:

1. Wheelchair & Stroller Friendly – this is very important if you have age grandparents or parents who have bad knees as well as parents who has young children.
2. Dedicated Changing Rooms for up to 3 groups – So no one need to wait.
3. Sheltered Parking area – and ample of parking for your families.
4. Short Walk from MRT – Those who don’t drive easily access to our studio via public transportation
5. Acoustically design studio – conducive family shoot with appropriate music to keep your family relax and session enjoyable.

Our curated backdrop system are professionally design to ensure the final output of your wall art will compliment your decor at your home.

Our curated backdrop combine modern yet classic that is well loved by the older generation and also satisfy the needs of younger generation who love modern looking images.

We also have specially curated realistic backdrop that offer you the outdoor feel while stay within the comfort of air condition space.

Most importantly, we understand your needs to have a piece of your legacy capture and preserve in the most comfortable setting.

Some of our clients have tried many others, and most decided to continue their legacy with Tomato Photo, I think our client Melanie Koh sums it up with her experience below.

“Thank you, Hart, once again for the lovely photos! We have been photographing with Hart since my boys were toddlers and they’re now teenagers! His service has always been consistent and the quality of the final result truly unparalleled. I’ve always looked forward to receiving my proofs cos I know he never disappoints. Hart is as good with kids as he is with everyone of all ages. Patient and personable, friendly and flexible, Hart never fails to put his subjects at ease and every session is loads of fun for everyone! More than a decade ago, he was able to capture my toddler boys (not exactly the easiest of subjects) at their best and more than 10 years on, he continues to work his magic with them as teens (still not the easiest of subjects!) together with their little sister. We have tried other photographers over the years but absolutely none have come anywhere close to capturing everyone in their truest and most natural element. Hart is truly in a league of his own and I would strongly recommend anyone looking to get family photos to seek him out. Hart isn’t just talented, he is truly passionate about his art. His results speak for themselves – absolutely stunning images of precious moments in time. I cannot recommend him enough.”
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Personalised Service with Master Craftsmanship Quality.

Last but not least, Your Photography session will be done personally by Accredited Master Photographer, Hart Tan. So you get all the consistency that he is known for.

Like what our clients Fad says:

I surfed through countless photographers, studios and reviews before deciding with Hart. His tariff are steeper than the others but it was his confidence in handling young children that won me over.

My daughter is not exactly the friendliest toddler but he manage to win her in a matter of minutes. So much so that she keep asking about him well after the shoot!

Communication pre and post shoot is grea. You will be given a comprehensive guide of what to do/not to do for a successful shoot and you can even text Hart directly.

Not only he is the only accredited master photographer that will do the session for you, he will personally ensure everything is up to his high level of standard within 2 days from the session.

Hart Tan is international multi-award winning master photographer, and have been awarded #1 Family Portrait studio by various media in Singapore for many consecutive years.

Tailored to your needs:

Your session will be uniquely yours. We will work together to come out images that your family wanted and a mixture of meaningful legacy images that you want to leave to the next generation. Be it formal, casual, fun or cuddly…

Let’s get in touch and discuss how to fulfill your dream: