Tomato Photo started in 2008 concentrate on lifestyle family portrait… outdoor and client’s home. It has since become a norm in Singapore that a beautiful family photos can be done anywhere else.

As time progress, the family I photograph grow up and started to bring more family members such as grandparents, siblings, etc for the session. Fast forward to 2015, lifestyle family photo shoot still majority of my work but more and more clients who is looking to have their memories preserved in our cosy studio.

Studio is always a good spot as it is nice and cool and shelter away from heat, haze or rain…

I tend to do 2 different types of shots for generation portrait, one formal and one relax and happy shots…

The challenge for any family photography is the management of the every single one in the family. As a photographer, you need to willing to invest time to bond with everyone. Experience in getting everyone in the shoot to look happy is something that will help to offer experience to everyone. Beautiful photos are basic requirement to any professional studio.

It is always nice to have everyone in the studio… memories preserved for Kareen’s family.

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Hart Tan
Associate Master Photographer