This is the Journey which we don’t see the end, because we are enjoying the journey… Just like a long holiday which do not have any end date that put us back to reality.

We are living our dream.

It has been an interesting 4+ months since we moved from Sydney to Singapore. Tomato Photo was set up in December 2007 as a continuity of Hartanto Photography which was based in Sydney Australia.

We were blessed with one healthy little baby boy on mid January 2008, and for the first time, it has been one of our joyous moment of our lives.

Tomato Photo Journey just started in early March 2008…. and it has been a rewarding few months learning new business culture in Singapore.

Tomato Photo specialises in people photography because we connect with people… Children photography and Wedding Photography are our focus now, however, we are putting more resources towards Children photography for 2008.

We hope to capture beyond the pretty faces. We love to capture those “personality” within the little one and capturing the feel, mood and moments in our work.

We are in the process of updating our corporate identity to reflect TOMATO PHOTO rather than Hartanto Photography.


Tomato Photo Team