Hi all,

For those of you who is on my facebook page (www.facebook.com/tomato.sg), you may have learn that on 22 Nov 2011, I lost my mother to Motor Neuron Disease which she has been battled for the past 10+ years. Unfortunately, her time is up before the cure is found.

My mother is someone I look up to when I try to walk my life.

She was a shelter for all of us whenever there were any issue or problem. She was an inspiration to me in bringing up my children and she has been my greatest inspiration which contribute to the success of my business. She once taught me, family is the most important in life and this is something that I need to remember.

I do admit, no family is perfect, different people have different opinions which sometimes can lead to argument here and there but there isn’t an issue too big to resolve.

She has given all her time to her family, defending and helping us to grow as individual. She might seems stubborn at times, but this make her unique in her way of defending for her family.

Every now and then, she will insist a family portrait for our own family which at the time, I felt it was a waste of time as I have better things to do (I was naive and wrong)…. but little that I know it, it is a best memory that one could have of their family. Hence, my focus is on family portraiture who give meaning to my life.

In business, she taught me to be genuine and honest, it is difficult to do so and there are always temptation to cut corner to make life a little easier by not doing the right thing… but the long term benefit of honest business works remarkably well.

She was self-less and always think about others and that have help me to understand, although, we all do prioritize ourselves, we need to remember the joy of giving and help people who worth your time along the way to success.

She was a perfectionist…. When she was around, we need to help her adjusting the position for the sleep due to her illness, we often joke, she has an accuracy of 0.1mm which means, you either get it right or get it wrong and she demand perfection. It is scary to be a perfectionist as you will never happy with everything that is done unless it is done at the highest level.

She love beautiful things… her collection of dresses, diamonds and jewelry often make me wonder why do one person need so much jewelry… I later realise, it is not the actual item itself nor the volume makes someone happy… it is its quality and details that makes us appreciate the item.


It is 3rd week now and the pain of losing someone dearly seems to be harder to digest….

Death sometimes gives you the perspective in life and we often are too busy to even realise what is around us… what we have done and how our surrounding react to what we have done. Life isn’t simple but how you live your life today is more important than yesterday.


So look forward and learn your mistake and make tomorrow a better day!.