This year, it seems to be a year where everyone is having babies… so far 80% of our booking is Newborn and Maternity Session and I am just amazed with the amount of Maternity and Newborn enquiries that we have every single day…

Newborn photography is one of my favorite area of photography, not because it is easy… but it is rather challenging… For those who are considering offering newborn photography, make sure, one of the things that you pack in your “kit” is extra change of clothes… I mean 3-4 extra… the amount of poop and pees I get is rather amazing so it keep me nice and “warm”… jokes aside, make sure you don’t drop the baby if that happen.

Most newborn session will take a good 3-4 hours to do the session properly with a few exception here and there…. I have been working really hard recently to refining my images in newborn photography… both from the pose to the right lighting using natural light. Singapore is rather cloudy almost everyday… which can be good as the light quality is soft, but at the same time, the intensity is so low that, higher ISO needed to be used to ensure enough depth and speed so the image will turn up nice and sharp with minimal movement.

I have been experimenting with capturing more “expression” of the baby which is very challenging… but I love it when I got it…

Here are a few images that I am really happy with… I love the dramatic lighting as well as the expression….

I love the “folds” on the newborn’s body…

What a smile (no its not photoshop!)Am I adorable…???

Newborn do bring me a lot of joy and somehow, I always feel that they are full of hope and surprises….

I hope you love the images as much as I do….
Tomato Photo