I was in awe when i walk in the beautiful home for a newborn photography assignment. Amy loves photography and has a collection of her beautiful travel photography on the main wall in the living room.

As an avid photographer, Amy do get worried that they wouldn’t get good shots of baby and everyone. Weird angles, too stiff, etc, but I am glad that she says “somehow every single photo was lovely and captured everyone well” and that is a nice compliment for my work.

I asked Amy what was her favorite experience during the session and I was told that it was “the quiet time with baby-only shots. It was so cozy in the room with the white noise machine and seeing our little critter in a new light”.

I try to create a “mood” in my images by knowing how client “feel” and also predict the precise “moments” that a photograph being make. There is always an instant that makes the image looks different. If shutter was pressed several milliseconds too quickly, it didn’t have the magic and if the shutter was pressed several milliseconds too slow, the peak “moments” are lost… anticipation through how you feel as an image maker gives you the ability to judge that precise moment.

Last but not least… here is Amy’s kind words:

Hart is amazing with the baby (and, of course, lovely with the adults too) — she seemed to calm down and do exactly what he wanted under his direction.



Hart Tan