Here is another series of newborn baby in monochrome with natural available lighting at the comfort of our client’s home.

It is challenging to convert color images into Black and White images as it is not as straight forward as many would think. Each image must be processed differently hence require time and attention to details.

The above picture, was taken using soft window light and using shallow depth of field, to concentrate the attention to the hands and those tiny little head signify protection, love and care. It is an image to convey “Feel”.
With this image, the “mood” is convey by the position of the newborn as well as toning.
With newborn, they are growing at a rapid rate, there is only a small window of opportunity to shoot this type of images.

“Moment” in time where a natural reaction of a father responding to the baby’s gesture…

Last but not least, this shot is to show how tiny the newborn in relation to his father’s hand.