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How You Could Be The Highest Paid Newborn Photographer In The World?

Question is, HOW TO ACHIEVE IT?

Let’s talk a little about myself in case you are wondering…

My name is Hart Tan and I always love photography as a hobby since young. I always intrigue with how image are produce, but growing up, photography was expensive luxury while our family struggle to put 3 meals on the table.

Fast forward many years later, I have decided that getting a “proper” job gives me the “security”. However, after 3.5 years of corporate life as an engineer, I was foolish enough quit my job to start my dream job as a photographer.

There I was, living my dream as a photographer, one that without any real return to replace the last drawn salary as engineer. I was happy making the jump, though it was probably one of the scariest thing in life…

I was constantly looking for “assignments” here and there and frankly speaking, it support a hobby which pays little for long hour work. I was very energetic, hopeful and somewhat foolish that think everything is going to work out.

However, deep down, I feel that this is not good enough. I wanted to ensure I can at least replace my former pay.

AND the question remains… How do I get the “assignment” CONSTANTLY?

To be frank, I have NO CLUE…

Looking and following what other photographers blindy lead me to a series of in effective “advertising” in which produce 0 return. The truth is, I have no idea who I am looking for, what I need to do in my advertising, what I need to say, What the design needs to be… I always thought buying a better gear will land me a better job.

In my early days, I am just making way too many mistakes that is too costly and learn nothing from it.

So I ended up working for photography company as a retoucher. I soon realise where I thought I have great editing skills and great photography eye was nothing but amateur one compared to the season photographers and editors who seemingly know what they are doing and getting assignment day in day out.

Fast forward 13 years later, I found myself building wealth through photography by re-purpose the profit into investment engine and it is like a dream come through…

One thing for sure is, there is NO MAGIC SILVER BULLET which give INSTANT SUCCESS. There are many little ways that can improve business success over time.

Having documented the steps that change a business from absolute 0 to where it is today, I hope to teach more photographers creating success that they always wanted without doing same mistakes that I did for last decade.

In 2008, many laugh when children photography being mentioned and a lot of veteran that I met subsequently told me, it is impossible to make a “living” from photography, let alone Children Photography, which was unheard of. Stubborn as I was, decided to give it a try and little that I know, it took 8 years from starting absolutely 0 working from home with a budget of $500 and a second hand DSLR and a couple of “semi-pro” lenses, to reach 7 figures turn over annually since.

It is not a smooth sailing of course, learning from the mistake I made during these time, I hope to inspire the next generation of photographer who wants to make a living through photography and making a better informed decision so they can shorten their time getting to the success that they always wanted.

A combination of Award Winning Master Photographer (Associate, MPA, UK), Entrepreneur (Winner of Spirit of Enterprise Award & Singapore Prestige Brand Award) is a testament to the desire to always be the forefront of the industry.

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So what is this MasterClass is about?

There are enough courses on internet to show you “HOW TO” create your master piece and train your technical ability. So, this MasterClass will focus on the “intrinsic” skills set and business skills on how to convert your skills get to your definition of success.

Through this Masterclass, you will learn 8 different Key areas :

  1. Identify Your Point Of Happiness (Your Definition Of Success).
  2. Identify Images That Evoke Emotion Of The Clients That You Are Looking For.
  3. Learning Step By Step How Business Really Work.
  4. Learn How To Market Your Service Effectively To Clients That You Are Looking For.
  5. Learn How To LEVERAGE To Have More Time.
  6. Answer All Your Frustrations and Turn Some Of Those Frustrations Into Opportunity.
  7. Learn How To Create Effective Rate Card Through 3 Different Type of Pricing Models.
  8. Understand How To Work On Financial Side To Prepare For Your Retirement.

Who this MasterClass is For?

  1. Photographers Who Have The Determination and The Why They Need To Be Successful.
  2. Photographers Who Has Hit Glass Ceiling For Their Income.
  3. Photographers Who Is Curious About How To Breakthrough Their Stagnant Business.
  4. Photographers Who Constantly Winning Photography Awards In The Genre They Practice, But Struggle To Make Ends Meet.
  5. Photographers Who Wanted To Know How To Properly Move From Oneman (or Onewoman) Show To Leading a Great Team.
  6. Photographers Who Know Too Much.
  7. Photographers Who Love Learning And Apply NOTHING after learning.
  8. Photographers Who Have Too Many Excuses.

In this Masterclass, You will learn how to define and create your own success path and breakdown into smaller steps to help you get there.

You will understand the ideal business cycle and how the business really work.

You will understand more into different buyer’s mindset so you know what you can help them to buy from you easier.

You will work on suggested marketing strategies and make it into an actionable plan to get your business in the track that you are happy with.

You will understand your cost structure and at what rates you should have your work priced at so you will make profit to grow your business and maintain your lifestyle.

You will walk away with a rate structure that you can further tweak and improve on.

You will be expose to financial aspect of business that helps your $$$ go further while you work on improving your business.

You will also learn how to create leverage system in your business that gives you more time that you want.

Your investment into your learning and creating your success path:

Three Easy Payments of $1199 or one time payment of $2997 (Saving of $600)

Bonus That You will Get With This Course (Value over $3500) :

  1. CODB Excel Template – $250
  2. Two Tag-Along Session Learning How I Conduct Newborn Shoots – $1500
  3. 5 hours Usage Of Tomato’s Studio (weekdays only) for Test Shoot $1000 (Include Usage of Profoto Lights)
  4. Your 12 Months Marketing Planning Guide – $1000
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