Light & Simple Newborn Photoshoot Series

For those of you who have been doing research about newborn photography, you’d have noticed that my style tends to lean towards clean, natural and simplicity in my images. Minimal props are being used in my shoots. This Simple Newborn Photo Shoot series aims to showcase the other side of newborn images that I create for my clients.

My signature black and white newborn series focuses alot on the baby, their expressions and and how they’re like inside the tummy. Many have mistakenly thought that those were ultrasound images.

Having said that, I also do a majority of my sessions in light, clean, simple newborn photoshoot theme to achieve the minimalist look that some of my clients are looking for.

We will be a good fit if you like the type of simple newborn photoshoot images you see here in my gallery.

see My Signature newborn Images