Celebrating Tomato Photo’s 15th Birthday – Portrait Photography Studio Since 2008

This month marks Tomato Photo’s 15th birthday of doing portrait photography of kids and families from all walks of life and ages, from 0 to 102 years old!


What a journey it has been! We started out in the corner of a bedroom of Hart’s parents’ home, upgraded our space a couple of times and finally in 2018, we managed to purchase our very own studio space and renovated it to fit the needs of the families for portrait photography we service.

We also received exciting news that we are in the top 10 list of “The Finest Photo Studios in Singapore”, organized by Singapore’s Finest Services.

As fulfilling as our journey has been, we are forever grateful to the real heroes of our growth – the clients of Tomato Photo! for Portrait Photography.

Especially the families who have been with us since day 1, supporting us over the years – we are so glad to have you with us!

And for newer portrait photography clients who believe in us and see the value of preserving photographic memories, we would not be where we are without you too!

Thank you everyone, for your support, in more ways than one!

Time Waits For No Man!

One thing we share in common with our clients is that we appreciate the value of portrait photography and we show our families love by investing our time and resources in creating photographs, be it through a smart phone for the gram, investing in a digital camera, or hiring a professional photographer.

Of course, there are many ways to show that we care about the important people in our lives. But there is no doubt that freezing moments through a photograph is one of them. 

Would you bother taking a photograph of something if it does not matter much to you in some way?

Another thing we all have in common is that we know how fast time flies, and life keeps moving on, waiting for no one.

Whether you relate to this in terms of aging parents, or growing babies (or both!), the fact remains that time moves along as it is meant to.

Our parents will not be around forever, and our babies will outgrow their baby phases quickly.

However, portrait photography are a kind of super power that allows time to standstill at the point of image capture.

Professional Family Photographs allow you to freeze time so that the time spent with your family is documented beautifully, and can be proudly displayed in your home, for everyone to smile at lovingly.

What Can You Expect From Tomato Photo Studio?

Being in the industry for 15 years has given us the time, insight and experience to grow and cater to the needs of the families we photograph through portrait photography.

Here’s a list of things that you can look forward to with Tomato Photo:

1. Master Photographer Hart is great with babies, toddlers, teenagers, adults and seniors (basically people of all ages). His ability to handle children and engage with the elderly during smaller or big multi-generational family portraits is a bonus.
2. The ability to capture the moments that you want. Hart’s forte is in getting your kid’s expressions – the ones that parents notice daily but are impossible to capture themselves! #noforcedsmiles
3. The assurance that your children are in Hart’s good hands.
4. Hart’s creativity and artistic vision.
5. Consistency is key and Hart strives to achieve this in every session, for every client.
6. Tomato Photo’s quick turn around time of 48 hours.
7. Online ordering system, and complimentary local delivery. This means you see us only once (for the photoshoot) – you can order your photos online from anywhere in the world.
8. Tomato Photo’s purpose-built and cosy studio that is wheelchair friendly and easily accessible for anyone with mobility concerns. There are no stairs and a sheltered drop off is available with plenty of parking space.
9. Last but not least, Hart’s ability to make people smile from the heart.
So, if you think that we are a good fit, feel free to fill in the form below, give us a call or WhatsApp on 8858 0088, or simply email us at info@tomato.sg to have a chat.

If you’re like me who don’t take family studio shots often, you’ll want to pick one where everything will turn out beautiful. Not all studios are the same. The lighting at Tomato is SO MAGICAL. There are interesting shadow details that gives the photos so much depth. Plus Hart (the only photographer) is great with kids. The combination of these are priceless. Your family deserves the best. Pay a bit more. You’ll be happy you did when you see the results.

JP Liew
Google Review, Feb 2022

My family had really fantastic experience with Hart. He is amazing with the kid, knows how to make us smile and laughing all the time. I’ve also been thrilled with the results of each shoot, our photos are really beautiful. We will be back again for sure!

Google Review, Feb 2022

Based on 389 reviews
Jasmine Chan
Jasmine Chan
May 18, 2024.
Very professional setting and a very patient photographer who is excellent at directing shots. 5/5 stars!
Ben Tong
Ben Tong
April 23, 2024.
Excellent experience with Hart. He is friendly and engaging adding to the overall experience in the studio a stress free and fun experience for myself and my family. Highly recommend!
Joanne Yoong
Joanne Yoong
April 18, 2024.
We did a beautiful family shoot with Hart - the shoot itself was fantastic and he was able to keep our large multigen family engaged and captured the happy spirit of the day. Unfortunately, after downloading the shoot pics, we managed to lose track of the photos. As my dad is quite ill and had requested these , we were crushed to find we could not locate the images he wanted. Hart was immediately responsive when we reached out and located the copies of our shoot, saving the day. Not only did he create a gorgeous set of memories for us, but his prompt and caring after-sales action was amazing. 5* for both quality and support. Would recommend highly as an artist and also as a professional. Thank you Hart!
Joanne Chua
Joanne Chua
April 18, 2024.
My company had an extremely good experience with Hart in our recent corporate photoshoot. Everyone in the company is very pleased with the photos. Below are some key aspects that made this photoshoot an extraordinary journey. Highlights: 1. Professionalism Redefined: The photographer, Hart exhibited unparalleled professionalism and skill, capturing the essence of each employee with precision and finesse. Their ability to evoke genuine engagement and empowerment was truly remarkable, resulting in portraits that radiated authenticity and charisma. 2. Friendly and Supportive: Hart is very accommodative to our requests, and he goes the extra mile to help with another group of staff for onsite photoshoot. He still manages to produce the high-resolution artwork given such a short timeframe due to our business set-up requirements. 3. Engagement and Empowerment: Beyond just capturing images, the photoshoot served as a catalyst for engagement and empowerment among our team members. It provided a platform for individuals to express themselves authentically, fostering a culture of inclusivity and collaboration. I really appreciate and feel thankful to be able to work with Hart on this assignment. I will still want to work with him for the upcoming assignment and refer him to my friends. Thank you so much, Hart and Team!
Yin Yin Wong
Yin Yin Wong
March 22, 2024.
Hart is easy going and friendly. He could sense that my kids( teenager) ain’t very interested in photo taking 🤣but he made them feel at ease. Most importantly, the pictures taken of them were very beautiful and natural. Hart and his team’s responses are very quick and professional too !
Eunice Lee
Eunice Lee
March 12, 2024.
We chose Hart as his aesthetics for newborn photos were exactly what we wanted, minimal and natural. He is really talented and captured so many unique expressions and poses. We had a hard time choosing what we really liked as there were so many great ones. We’ll definitely be returning for more family photos!
Jacinta Lim
Jacinta Lim
February 28, 2024.
Great experience. Hart is lovely - he really goes all out to make you feel at ease. You can really feel his passion for people and what he does. He just really wants to make sure you have a good time and leave with great shots!
Colleen and Ernest Heng
Colleen and Ernest Heng
February 20, 2024.
Hart was so patient and flexible our timeline. Our dogs got comfy due soft and demeanor. We are very please the level service and the helped he rendered nem to pit together tje tje photo book and canvases. Thank you !
January 31, 2024.
We had a very refreshing family photo shoot experience at Tomato Photo Studio on 21 January 2024. Hart was very creative, energetic and lively making my two young granddaughters very much at home. The photographic images turned out very natural and reflected well the mood. Thanks Hart and Hazel as well for providing the helpful information.