Family Staycation Photoshoot Singapore

A different way of having your memories captured and preserved during this unique time

Life Disrupted? or Maybe Its a Blessing in Disguise?

This is time of our lives where we are usually planning and booking and jumping on the plane ready to embark on our next adventure… near and far.

Furthermore, with the current pandemic, we are bound to stay put and creating memories with your family is increasingly important.

Why Not Live Life To It’s Fullness With Local Staycation Holiday?

Even Singapore government is encouraging people to spend quality time together in the form of local travel, namely, Family Staycation.

Nevertheless, Family Staycation Photoshoot in Singapore is not a new thing, in fact, more people are doing it each year because it is a way to celebrate time spend together in tangible form.

Staycation mean to leave all the work behind and focus on what is important to you, your family, your love ones.

After all, During your stay, you are relax, you are well rested, you are enjoying your life and achievements with your family, wouldn’t this be a perfect time to capture those moments in life?

A quick search on the net, gives you a lot of ideas where to make full use of your staycation.

We found this 22 Best Staycation in Singapore and you plan your next family staycation.

Apart from the list above, here are some of the beautiful hotels that our clients choose to have their Family Staycation Photoshoot.

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    Raffles Hotel Family Staycation

    Let’s look at why, Raffles Hotel is your first Staycation Destination.

    Firstly, Newly Restored with enhanced comfort.

    Secondly, splendour for the discerning traveller, immerse yourself in our striking architecture

    Thirdly, graceful service for that unique feeling of being somewhere very special in the heart of the business and civic district.

    More of family shoot at Raffles Hotel Singapore .

    W Hotel Sentosa Singapore – Family Staycation

    Live it up amidst the lush greenery and lively coastal setting of Sentosa, Singapore’s exclusive resort island.

    Most importantly, W Singapore – Sentosa Cove, a 5-star luxury hotel under Marriott International, is an oasis of modern luxury for business travelers, vivacious stay-cationers and sophisticated globetrotters.

    Above all, Escape from the everyday and take a whirl into the extraordinary as you lift your beachfront lifestyle to new heights!

    Shangri-La Hotel Singapore – Family Staycation

    Nestled within 15 acres of tropical landscaped gardens, guests are warmly embraced by the hotel’s distinct service and smiles.

    Therefore, Escape to the only hotel sanctuary in the city with lush, open gardens, unparalleled culinary experiences and family facilities, topped with luxurious pampering and 3 distinct wings to suit every indulgence.

    Capella Hotel Sentosa – Family Staycation

    Amidst 30 acres of lush greenery with views of South China Sea and direct access to Palawan Beach, Capella Singapore offers the perfect staycation spot to find your peace.

    Ritz Carlton Hotel – Family Staycation

    Firstly, It is centrally located in Marina Bay, The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore surrounds guests with visual beauty.

    For instance, The hotel features luxury accommodations, a 4,200-piece art collection as well as a Club Lounge with sweeping Singapore views.