My children are no longer little babies… at the time I wrote this blog, my youngest is already 3… I was cleaning up my computer and come across a photograph that I took of him when he was merely 1 year old… which I posted on my facebook. Time flies and I am glad that I spend more time with my children nowadays. Photography is always a fun things to do and it simply preserve the memories of my children so I can look back and remember how they look like.

Geraldine did the same thing and photographing her little baby annually…¬† This year we did a simple one in the studio.

For me at least, it was like a chat with a friend while taking picture of her little baby playing un-interrupted. Just Rafael…

I am glad that mom was happy and in her email, she mentioned,

Hi Hart,

Thank you for the photos. As before, I’m spoilt for choice and love all of them! …


So for me, it is a job well done for another happy client, to Geraldine, the memories of her child is forever preserved and for Rafael, he just had great fun playing in the studio.



Hart Tan