I often ask myself, could a photographer create a style that is different from the current style and co-exist? I am not sure… so I created something that is still my style but added more “elements” to it. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but hey, I love them…

I really enjoy the whole process, conceptualization, shopping, styling and posing the newborn and somehow make everything fit in nicely. It doesn’t come naturally at first so it takes a while to figure out the details.

Process of booking a photographer always a daunting task and it isn’t always easy. There are a lot in the market but nonetheless, I am giving my client everything I have when they booked me… so this is what my clients has to say:

1/ Biggest fear of booking: Mishandling of baby, misbehaving of elder brother…
Did not happen – Hart was so gentle and patient with baby.. and understanding too despite having to wait while we nurse baby 3x!! Hart was also able to deal with the elder brother.. even tho he tried to disrupt the photo taking session at times.. but Hart managed to turn it around and got the elder brother to do interesting poses with baby instead..

2/ what was the most enjoyable part of the session: seeing how the 2 brothers are posing for the photos together. Heart warming to see that the photos taken captured the pure and true brotherly love…

3/ One of the feedback from a friend (who actually attended one of your teaching sessions!) when i told her i am going for your session is that “wow, Hart’s charges are the most expensive in Singapore!”. I had to agree! But.. to me, these images are priceless.. capture a moment in time which can never be brought back.. so if you can afford it, you should go for it! Time will never turn back – these moments will be gone forever if you miss it… what better than to leave them in images that you will treasure forever!



Hart Tan