Photographing a family is somewhat easy… just get everyone together and point the camera at their direction… wah lah… you got a family photo.

Of course, if all you need is a family photo.

When you hold up a photograph that you took a while ago… what does it mean to you? first thing that most people do is to re-live the moment when that photograph being taken. The emotional responses that you associate with what is in the photograph. So that is why, one of the key things a photographer needs to provide is the experience, because you are part of it. Hopefully, what you provide is what they remember as how happy the children were laughing, smiling, perhaps a tantrum or two, how everyone connect as a happy and harmonious family… simply a sense of happiness.

To many of my clients… a family photography session is a very important occasion. It is a time that you gather with people that you love, perhaps you even dressed up a little and make a little more effort to prepare you home ready for the session.

Being asked countless time, when is the best time to take family photos? in my mind, when is NOT the best time?


Here is a home session that I did recently and I am glad that I have exceeded the client’s expectation and being part of their happy memories.