Why do Sarah did a studio photoshoot with her baby?

Black & White Studio Photoshoot with Sarah

with her happy boy, Robert.

Having a family photoshoot done for your family and your child is like investment. You never see the immediate return when you do that. However, for many who choose to invest, they always ended up with more rewards that they get many years down the road.

Just like when you invest your time with your child by educating them one little thing at a time through out their life… while allow them to take risk and make some mistakes, you are there to invest your time, knowledge, wisdom on that little child right from the birth…

With my children, plenty of albums from their family photoshoot are done and numerous pictures are framed to show their grow story, the place they visited, how they have fun with their brothers. It is an investment from us as a parents to remind them of the happy days… It is the content from the family photoshoot that makes the tangible products meaningful. I hope to leave them a collection of our existence while we can.

There is no different for Sarah too.

It is through the B&W Charity Shoot that I met Sarah and Robert.

Like any kids with stranger, Robert was curious, but cautious with me. However, within minutes, you can see the behaviour of a child who is confident and curious with all the little toys in the studio. Love those wheels.

I am a keen observer and I learn to anticipate moment in time so we can capture it for family who trusted us.

Over the course of the 30 minutes shoot, I observe a happy child who love kisses and hug from his mum. The connection is heartwarming and I am in love with the shoot.

In case you are thinking of doing the same as Sarah come and have a chat with us… maybe we can help.


Hart Tan

An incredible journey of a family through photography – Yuko and Taka

Each year, the child just grown a little and soon and now… 2 years old for the second child… flipping through the images I have taken over the years put a huge perspective into what I have shared with my clients. The important of preserving memories of our children from little newborn baby to a grown up child through photography.

Yuko and Taka, no matter how busy in their schedule, they will make time to have their family photography done with me.

It is a real pleasure to see them annually.

Here is how the family has grown:





Hope to see them again in 2015.


Hart Tan

7 years on… Family Portrait Photography with Lindy

2008 was the year I met Lindy, Alvin and their first born Asher… He was a little baby barely taking his little baby first steps… 7 years on, I love to photograph this family… They are more like a friend now and it is a real privilege to watch the kids grow up.

Lindy created an album on her facebook showing the growth of her family through my photography which you can access through this link.

Like many of my clients who have been having me to capture part of their memories… it is nice to see how my photography evolve and offering their children gift of a lifetime.

This year, we decide to photograph the family at Lorong Halus Wetlands… an interesting location for shoot… its a wide open space without much shades… so it was warm but nonetheless a nice change of scenery.



In essence, to be able to use my gift to preserve memories for a family is what I love doing… not a job but a dedication…

Here is what Lindy says on the facebook as part of the testimonial….

From 1 baby to now our 4th, the photos he has taken for us has never failed to capture how I feel for myself, the kids and the family. I can feel my children’s different personality in them. I can feel how my motherly feelings were in them. So timeless. Its exactly those feelings and memories that I wanted to preserve and I am glad I found Hart, who is absolutely the right one for it. Thanks Hart! He is always patient and has his ways with the kids. We see you grow and so did you see us grow!



Hart Tan

a Beautiful family portrait photography session in Hong Kong

My photography has taken me to many places and every shoot in any location almost feels like a new adventures.

Hong Kong is one of the interesting city that I love… The old vs new, the vibrant vs the dull, steep hills, beautiful harbor and lust green once you are out of the city.

I photographed the Rowland’s at their beautiful family home in NT… Loving their clean and bright color decor with a touch of vintage and modern fusion makes their house really interesting.

My photography focus on the people and their body language and human interaction is something I enjoy so making myself and my clients “feel like home, AKA comfortable” a breeze… I find that it is the only way to allow people to show who “they are” to you. It is the “interpretation” of the people that set my work apart.

I had fun photographing them and we spend about an hour for the session and here are some of the images from the shoot.



Hart Tan

Studio newborn photography with De Groots

Always nice to hear from a familiar name pop up on the email inbox and it is nice to know the news of new addition for the family that I have photographed previously…

My idea for my photography work is evolve around Feel, Mood and Moment… something that touches me when “see” it happening in front of my eyes…

Newborn Photography has always been a milestone that is always urgent, we have a very small window to get the right images for newborn (under 10 days to be precise). So when clients are looking for award winning fine art newborn images and enjoyable experience and personalised service, Tomato Photo is usually on top of the list.

These are wonderful, thank you so much.
Now the difficult decision of which ones to get printed! – Rachael


I love the look of those beautiful fine art prints and canvases display proudly at their home…


Hart Tan



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