6 weeks old chubby little newborn

I am always glad when a familiar voice calling and wanted more session for their family.

I met Andrea and the family a few years ago when they just moved to Singapore and I did a session for their little newborn and now, he is a handsome cute little boy…

Usually, the best time to do the newborn session is when the baby is less than 10 days old because what I wanted in newborn images is the ability to show how they may look like inside the womb.

Andrea call me when the baby was about 5 weeks, but as a returning client, I was happy to offer my session for her knowing the shoot will be limited. However, the baby was a charm to work with and I have gotten a lot more shots than I thought so I am thrilled with the result.

I just adore those fat rolls… 🙂

From time to time, I receive a testimonial from clients who is really happy with my work… and in this case, Andrea did take time to write me the following:

“I am very happy with the job done by Hart.

Not only he is an amazing professional when it comes to art (the outcome is impeccable) but which is the most important for me, he is an angel with babies.

I hired him to make photo album of my pregnancy and my 2 babies at newborn age and also family pics -all beautiful pics-, and I can’t be any more grateful for the fact that he ensured my babies were respected and loved during the process.

Not only he didn’t disturb them at all, furthermore he provided such a peaceful ambiance that both of them wanted to sleep most of the time! he is great with babies so I can recommend him 100% for your newborn pictures and assure you your babies will not suffer any tiny bit with it”.

I am a true believer in preserving memories, thus, I believe that, beautiful images means nothing without the experience. That said, Beautiful images is a non-negotiable deliverable for anyone who call themselves professional photographer, however, creating an experience for clients and the baby is the reason why clients come to Tomato Photo.




Children photography with a 4 years old.

It is always fun to meet new people and new challenge photographing little guy…

I generally like to give the viewer of the picture some sort of clue about the person that I am photographing. Either I use simple background so I can focus all the attention to the face or I use their surrounding to show who they are…

Children usually very quick and they will not stop for you. On the contrary, you can’t ask them to smile for you if you want a real smile. Learn how to “tickle” their senses and you will be rewarded with a genuine smile.

So enjoy their company and observe what they like and be genuine and they know who to trust…



Tennis Theme session with Grant family

I had a blast doing something new…

Elle contacted me and wanted me to follow on the tradition that she started some 11 years ago, that is to do a family shoot every single year. It is a very nice as you will see how the family grow over the years and it is something really special.

We decided to do tennis theme this year as they spend a lot of time playing tennis in this soft court in Alexandra area.

We started a little later than usual as dad just arrive back from an overseas trip the very morning… and I am glad it work so well. The session was rather brief due to the lighting.

It is rather unusual way for me to photograph as my preference is always images that closer, but this case, i use rather “wide” angle for the shoot to give the sense of perspective and the activity.





Visionary Tool

Recently bought the same item that I have used for years, however, I left feeling a little short change…

Understandably the cost of running business in Singapore is quite high. Each year, everything become more and more expensive… however, there is no need to reduce “VALUE” of the work by cutting some corners… I don’t like to settle for less.

Value is what people looking for and price is relative. Some people, including myself, rather pay a bit more to get the value that we have in mind.

When it comes to the tool of trade… Camera System, Computer System, Software, etc, etc… In long term, by spending more on quality equipment means better quality and the joy of using the equipment.

I must admit, I don’t take the normal route when it comes to the selection of camera equipment, I took on Minolta in the beginning because of some of the legendary lenses. Follow on with Carl Zeiss glass with Sony DSLR, soon after, added Leica Lenses and the latest is the Hasselblad system, The roll royce of the camera system.

Many consider Full Frame (35mm) is the highest end of the digital equipment, and many don’t even know Medium Format Digital Camera even existed. Using any brand is not about the prestige or to brag about them, because at the end of the day, the “content” is the ultimate and the gear is only a tool allowing you to translate those vision of yours into content that like to share with your viewer.

Memories are priceless and with the combination of clear “vision” and the best tool in the hand, the life as a photographer is almost complete… I feel complete when clients share my “vision” and passion.

I leave you with the last session of 2012 that I shot with Hasselblad…

Photography is not a job, it is a path in life that I choose to walk on… a journey that I don’t see the end date…



A Family Session at Polo Club Singapore

The Kellady family…

A family that I literary watch the elder child grow up from a little under 1 year old… a family that I photograph yearly (almost)…

This year, they decided to do the family session at a place that close to them. Matt is a Jockey and when he is on the horse back, he is much in his “zone”, i can only think of it as like I am behind the camera.

Ally is a happy girl, Max is an active and adorable boy, Luke is simply adorable.

Last year, the session with them was at a hotel due to the rain and that is before Luke came along.

I often left the family doing their own things when they are in their zone and capture moments of things that they share together.

Here is what Jillian says after seeing the results:

Hi Hart, I can’t stop looking at the photos, they are so beautiful! Such wonderful memories captured in a place that is very special to our family. Thank you so much once again Hart. The walls of our home are filled with photos that you have shot of our family over the last 5 years  and it always such a difficult decision picking which ones go up on the wall! I’ll get back to you with our selection soon, going to admire the pictures of my babies once again   🙂

Here are some images that I took for the Kellady Family.



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