Family Shoot at Marina Bay – Indoor & Outdoor

One of the beauty of having the family portrait shoot done at Marina Bay is the appeal of the beautiful Marina Bay area with the ultra modern cityscape, The urban look to the image as well as the comfort of aircon inside the mall. This give you the outdoor and indoor in the same location.

It was Christmas and there are lots of amazing display and light but even without the festive, Marina Bay looks amazing…

This is the second shoot with Joanne’s family and it was a very relaxing and fun experience…

As a photographer, we also need to conduct ourselves in a manner that don’t cause much public nuisance so we make the work of security guard a lot easier… respect others and others will do the same.

Give us a call 8858 0088 and have a chat to see what we can help your family in getting the best images…



Hart Tan

A Mums reflection …

As parents we are caught in this constant mental and emotional state of wanting our children to grow up so that we can see all of their achievements and then on the other hand wanting them to remain small and child like forever needing their parents.  Its this constant conundrum that we go back and fourth with that keeps us on our toes as parents.  

Its for this reason that I love being a photographer.  I recently met with one of my clients who is pregnant for the second time and with this pregnancy she finds herself reflecting over and over again her firsts newborns photos.  She uses these images to try and imagine what it will be like welcoming this new baby in the family dynamic and how much she loved those first few months of bonding with her first.
This is how powerful family imagery is, it brings back raw emotions of being a parent to a newborn and it creates the perfect moment of sweet reflection and excitement for the impending future arrival.

The client revealed that reflecting back on those first newborn photos made her proud as a mother, how much she had accomplished and how much more confident she felt for the arrival of this new baby.  She even mentioned that she is looking forward to the next newborn shoot as she feels so much more relaxed about the whole experience of motherhood. With a witty joke she comment that “you always have to do for the second what you did for the first.”  Another reason that I love my job – just that the returning clients who come back and show me their new and extended family
Happy growing families are my inspiration and I can’t wait to meet this new arrival as I have so many before.” Time flies” I reminded my client, enjoy this second pregnancy and see you soon.

If you are interested to have your newborn photographed, please give us a call on 8858 0088.  Make sure to book in early as we only do a limited set of newborn shoots per month




Maximizing your Photo Shoot Investment!

Its all about albums in this blog.  Lets explain why this is the best way to maximize your photos visibility and enjoyment.  So many clients carefully consider the shoot, the outfits, the poses and styles that they want to achieve from their family photo-shoot.  But many forget the most important aspect of any photo-shoot – THE PHOTOS!


Most feel that getting photos put onto a USB drive or CD is the best option for them.  But realistically how often would you insert your USB, sit down with a  cup of coffee and scroll through your photos?  We all have the best intentions but it seems we never have time.

After talking to many clients and having my own family photographs it seems that the most viewed images are those printed into family photo albums.  Why you ask? It’s simple, its all about access.  Photo albums sit around on coffee tables, within easy reach of a book shelf or cabinet.  Guests visiting your home can easily flip through the album while waiting on that cup of offered tea.  Photo albums are a discussion point and a reason to sit around and discuss memories and share laughs with your loved ones.
Photo albums can also be so easily organized.  Each album contains one photo shoot, a moment in time captured for ever.  Have say, five photo albums each covering an important life event makes it so easy for the family to reflect and bond over shared experiences.

Tomato Photo offers amazing album options to suit every desire and budget.  We offer our clients plenty of input into the design and layout of the album so that you can put your families personal touches into it.  Choose the images that you like and the layout that suits and you have the perfect discussion piece for your home.  Printed photo albums are not just for weddings, they should be used for every milestone in ones life.


The perfect product to keep all your memories in one place!

Our photo album pages are professional photographic lab print and come in  range of sizes  and pages.  Call or Whatsapp us for info at +65 88580088

Lets Get Candid

Candid shots of children are becoming more popular with parents in Singapore. In essence it’s an opportunity to capture moments of your kids childhood. To visually lock in those precious moments and reflect on many years later. The concept of posed family portraits seem to have lost popularity due to the stiffness of the poses and the fact that these carefully orchestrated pics don’t bear much of a reflection on the every day lives of our children or their personalities.

Here are Hart Tan’s from Tomato Photo’s top tips for candid photography for your next family outing. Get snapping Mum and Dad

Take the Opportunity

This means that you need to grasp every opportunity as it presents itself. Carry your camera with you on each outing and be ready to shot at any moment. When your children are constantly exposed to the camera they will become familiar and comfortable with the idea of being photographed. If your kids are comfortable and at ease this will translate into your photos and you will have natural relaxed moments captured in film.



Zoom Zoom Zoom

To avoid being a distraction to your children as they spontaneously interact or play, simply step away. Make use of the zoom function on your camera. Allow them the space and autonomy to engage as you stand back and capture it all on film. Snapping away outside of your little ones personal space gives realness to your imagery



No Flashy Stuff

Children are easily distracted and a flash is the biggest brightest distraction. Try turning the flash off and using the mode settings on your camera. This might mean that you use a quicker lens or adjust your ISO or your light mode settings. Sometimes you will need to use a combination of settings to achieve the right outcome – so don’t be afraid to play around with your camera too!

Capture the Moment as it happens

Photos are always more interesting in mood and composition if the people are actually doing something in the image. This allows the image to depict energy or a mood. Remember that timing is everything in candid photography so sit back and wait patiently for your children to be actively involved in a task which has meaning and interest to them. Shoot away quickly and capture each frame of the child’s involvement. Stand back and give your little one space and allow them to be unaware of your photography.


Angle it Right

So many people think that to be a good photographer you need to take the camera up to your eye. This is not the case especially when shooting small children whose height will always be smaller than that of the photographer. Take the camera down to your waist and meet them on eye level. Be prepared to move your body and use it as an extension of your camera. Kneel down, lay flat on the floor, crouch down, bend over – all of these actions help get you the most candid and engaged shots of your kids. Now use your camera to add to the perspective. Frame your shots on an a particular angle, zoom in close and then quickly zoom out to a wide angle, break the rules of composition and you will add a new perspective to your shots that can mean they look fresh, sharp and surprising. Don’t forget to add foreground objects into your shot. This illustrates the area / space that your child is playing in – which only adds to your memories.



Hart Tan is a Certified Associate Master Photographer with a studio located in Joo Chiat. Hart, specializes in family photography both in his studio and on location. Visit the Tomato Photo website to find out more

Tomato Photo 3 in 1 Studio – Family Portrait Photographer Singapore

Success in the  Studio

We always take photos on our phones as it is so convenient to capture that candid shot.  We can then share these on social media or WatsApp, but what if we want  something larger for our walls or desks? We can’t use our phones anymore and its at this  point in time when most of our clients give us a call.  When it comes to family portraits we want to create something that our clients can treasure and be proud to show off.  These photos should be invaluable and capture the every day connections and strong relations within the family unit.  This is when our studio is the first place our clients turn, we have all the reasons for you to consider our studio as your one stop shop to capturing precious memories to last you a lifetime….

Here is a quick and easy reference list for why our studio sessions are so popular

Its all about Weather and Convenience

If a photo is being taken outdoors, you can’t control what the weather will do. Our studio has temperature control with air-condition and comfy sofa’s for those in-between action shots.  Convenience wise for young children this is a great option with toilets and toys nearby.  Located in the trendy Joo Chiat historical precint, we can give you beautiful shots in front of the old Singaporean shop houses so that you have a unique cultural perspective, perfect for those expat clientele who want to capture their time in Singapore or simply Singaporean who feel strongly about their own culture.

Relax and natural poses

Its timeless to shoot in a studio.  You can create any look or feel you desire to get that relax outcome.  In the studio you are the centre of attention in the shot with emphasis on a particular moment captured, the location can at times steal from this concept.  Photos shot in a photography studio can be 3 different type, a more formal and time-tested look, relax happy images using natural light in the studio, as well as those outdoor shots just around the studio with Joo Chiat’s Character . The a combination of the 3 type of images in 1 single location will be cherished by your family for generations to come.  When you’re going for a formal, professional look in your photo, a photo studio setting is hard to beat. All of the elements can be managed to create that undeniable polished, professional look that will impress all who see it.

Perfection in Lighting

At Tomato Photo, Hart is a master of lighting, he create different classy studio flash that add glamour and beauty in your images, natural light control to give you the soft and comfy look and beautiful combination of outdoor location, a 3 in 1 session makes Tomato Photo the most unique studio to date.  What most clients don’t know is that the camera flash in the studio can be the best make up artist ever.  When using the flash the photographer can control the brightness and play up strong areas and hide unwanted shadows on the face and body.  This is the perfect way to enhance those areas that a client loves such as a beautiful pregnant belly or the colour of your toddlers cute curly hair.  Lighting can also control the background of the shoot giving you more options for posing and interacting with family members.  Think of lighting as the perfect canvas for any artists masterpiece.

Its all about the Experience

The studio is that perfect happy medium for all ages of the family group.  Studio experiences are also more organised, flowing and serene. Remember our studio also offer a myriad of outdoor backdrop just around the corner from the studio, literary.  Tranquility and comfort translate in front of the camera into perfect casual timeless photography.  They have a composed energy and give clients the opportunity to interact in a calm and relaxed manner.  A good photographer focuses on the clients experience cause they know that its this happy experience that translates so well on film.  Shoots should never be rushed and communication between family members and the photographer should be encouraged.  In a studio your photographer can capture shots before your little ones attention span runs out which is very important for those ever cherish family group shots.


See more on our website for Family Studio Photography.


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