Wow, it is already the middle of February 2020.. Didn’t we just ring in the New Year recently!? It is definitely one of the most repeated clichés but time really flies!

Top 3 Requests
Looking back on a rather productive 2019, we photographed just under 300 Families in total! Some big, some small, some were familiar faces, others were new, but all of them received some beautiful and lasting memories that they can look back on for years to come and we are so grateful to be a part of that milestone for these families!
We also noticed a few trends over the past year when it comes to photographing families..
More and more of our clients seem to be interested in getting EVERYONE (and we mean everyone!) together for the professional photos. This rise in multi-generational, big family shoots where you have everyone from the grandparents to their grandkids and their families participating is great because this is exactly why we moved to a bigger studio space that can accommodate up to 35 pax, in a wheelchair-friendly location!
During the shoots, there is also a popular request for us to focus on the grandmother and grandfather of the family… Be it in the form of their couple portraits, some images with them and their grandkids, or the individual portraits. Regarding the latter, it is good to see that more family members are planning ahead to get these done professionally so that when the time comes, and it will – no one lives forever, they will never have to worry about searching high and low for a good quality digital photo of the mother or father! Case in point, a lovely lady named Sally whose father passed away right before Chinese New Year. Unfortunately, she did not have a recent nor good photograph of her late dad and after literally running around town trying to find a studio to help with the editing process, she got in touch with us and we did our best to help out. On the other hand, Hart’s grandfather passed away earlier on in Jan but thankfully, they had updated the family photos just last year so that was one less thing to worry about. We really should not take time for granted….
We also find that during the big family shoots, family members do value having some of their own immediate family portraits taken. That makes total sense. If everyone has taken the time and made the effort to come down for the shoot, why not focus a little on your own nuclear family and your kids at the same time, right?
What’s New?
In 2019, we re-introduced our Outdoor Mini-Photoshoot specials again after 9 long years, which so many of you have loved and found useful! We wanted to make it easier for young, busy parents with young kids to capture precious memories before the little ones grow up! To make it even more accessible, we further extended the special to include our studio (for those of you who prefer an indoor shoot) along with the other options of East Coast Park, Gardens by the Bay or the colourful shophouses along Koon Seng Road! These affordable, quick sessions are available every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and typically do not last more than 20 minutes. Having said that, should your shoot require more time, Hart will certainly take the time to create the images he has promised.. that’s our guarantee! Ultimately, we want you to have some beautiful photos. Tip: Grandparents or primary caregivers are also welcome to bring along the grandkids if parents are unable to take time off from work.
Last December, we also started a few “Newborn Photography Introductory Workshops”. These are quick weeknight group sessions with Hart where he shares an overview of what it is like to become a newborn photographer, what to expect, how to start etc. The big picture, so to speak!
The introductory workshops also serve as a good stepping stone to the full, in-depth 1 day photography course that we are planning sometime this year.
Home Sweet Home
Tomato Photo has been around since 2008, but last year was the first year we spent in our studio space in Ubi. It feels like we have been here much longer! We are so glad we made the move to accommodate bigger families, and family members with mobility concerns. Plus, there is always great comfort in owning your own space, right?
To conclude, we would like to say to all our clients THANK YOU for your trust and support in 2019. We are so glad you chose us, and we hope to continue working together with all of you and create new memories whenever you are keen!
Here are some of our favourite images created in 2019.. and our “Best Nine” posts on Instagram in 2019.