The past 7 years living in Singapore has been really interesting… It fills with up and down and drama… now the dust has settled a little, things are getting more interesting.

On photography front, for myself, I have continue to sharpen my vision that offer clients into preserving part of their memories…. The Tomato Photo brand is growing and I am still hungry to take the brand to the next stage… but one step at a time keeping the promises as we go along. I am not perfect, and do pardon me if I make mistake along the way.

Along the way, I found love in nurturing new talents… nurturing them to release their full potential by taking baby steps forward… It is almost like seeing your child walk that first step… so magical…

We set up our subsidiary company, Bambini Photography (, slightly over 5 years ago but only really actively building it for the past 3+ years… the time has passed quickly, through changes and constant improvements  have been set in place to offer their services to our audience. As a mentor, I love to see how they grow and yesterday was the day that they can call themselves as Qualified Master Photographer. It isn’t the end point, nor it is a point that they stop, but it is a point where more responsibility for them to offer their skills to fulfill their client’s need for memories preservation.

The journey they learn to become a Master Photographer is the most important part of the whole process… getting the qualification is just a formality.

It is a way that we continue to bring more to clients who choose us for what we do.

So thank you for everyone who have and will be supporting us through our journey. Without your support, none of these are even possible.


Hart Tan