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Review by Melanie K

Family Photoshoot at Home

“Thank you, Hart, once again for the lovely photos! We have been photographing with Hart since my boys were toddlers and they’re now teenagers! His service has always been consistent and the quality of the final result truly unparalleled.

I’ve always looked forward to receiving my proofs cos I know he never disappoints. Hart is as good with kids as he is with everyone of all ages.

Patient and personable, friendly and flexible, Hart never fails to put his subjects at ease and every session is loads of fun for everyone! More than a decade ago, he was able to capture my toddler boys (not exactly the easiest of subjects) at their best and more than 10 years on, he continues to work his magic with them as teens (still not the easiest of subjects!) together with their little sister.

We have tried other photographers over the years but absolutely none have come anywhere close to capturing everyone in their truest and most natural element.

Hart is truly in a league of his own and I would strongly recommend anyone looking to get family photos to seek him out. Hart isn’t just talented, he is truly passionate about his art. His results speak for themselves – absolutely stunning images of precious moments in time. I cannot recommend him enough.”

Review by Hui Juan

Extended Family Photoshoot In Studio With Kids Under 7 Years Olds

“Hart is a patient and understanding guy who made the photoshoot such a pleasant experience! we have a big family with kids ranges from 7years to 4months and he manage all of them so well! the kids were able to warm up to their “uncle hart” very easily. because ours is a big family, Hart also managed to capture various combination of the family. for post photoshoot service, he exceeded our expectation to edit and deliver the canvas. overall, if you have kids or big family, i Will highly recommend Hart. thanks Hart!”

Multi Generation Photo Shoot

Review by Jing Wen

Family Portrait with 4 kids & a dog.

“We just had our 3rd shoot with Hart (4th if counting the one he did of Thomas) and the photos are gorgeous. such a lovely update to the existing canvases we have of our kids which were also taken by Hart few years ago. With 2 new additions to the family now (another baby and a dog) we wanted to update our family photos by doing a shoot with Hart to document the changes since our last shoot with tomato photo in 2015.

At the shoot yesterday we had 3 overly-excited older kids, 1 squalling baby who cried nonstop and an unruly pet dog who was rushing around everywhere. The situation could have been really chaotic but Hart remained unflappable and was incredibly patient. He established good rapport with the kids immediately and even my dog who normally barks nonstop at all strangers went straight to Hart for a pat.

The individual portraits of the kids are wonderful, their expressions are so genuine. i love the group photos of them too, especially the ones where Hart asked the older kids to pretend to be the baby and cry along. The resulting photos are so candid and really in the moment.

Highly recommend Hart as the best family photographer we’ve ever had! Also like to add that the email correspondence with Hazel was always prompt and clear, which was a pleasure”

Review by Sarah Sutton

Family Portrait With 4 Boys

“We had a wonderful experience doing family photos with Hart. He immediately developed rapport with our four boys and put them (and is) at ease. He made the photo session fast, fun and completely painless. On top of that he had the proofs from the session to us in a matter of hours! We could not be happier with both the session and the photos – we highly recommend Hart and will be using him again.”

Review by Ren Jong

Generation Family Portrait At Home With Ages 2 to 98

“There were about 20 of us. Ages spanned from 98 to 2, members of the family who wanted to play photographer, children who did not want to smile for the camera and tired members of the family from travelling. Yet, Hart took it all in his stride. He was easy going, warm and made everyone feel right at home. He took great natural shots of all of us and we absolutely love love love the photos.”

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YC Chong
YC Chong
August 22, 2023.
3rd timing engaging Hart to take our family photos. He has a knack for engaging the children and makes them at ease during the photography session, so the photos turn out GREAT. We always look forward to receiving the final product (photo edit and the prints)! 😊
Fong Yee Chye
Fong Yee Chye
August 12, 2023.
Worked with Hart for the first time this month for a newborn and family shoot. Hart was able to communicate with my toddler who cooperated on posing photos with us and our newborn. The photos that came out were really nice, candid, and professional - everything that we expected from the shoot. The session also was not draggy and everything was done quickly with really good photos. The photos were also well edited quickly and we received the preview within a day. Thank you Hart!
Shawn Heng
Shawn Heng
August 9, 2023.
Hart is just brilliant with kids. He’s able to engage and quickly make the kids feel comfortable with him, that they actually follow instructions… most of the time. He’s also extremely gentle with newborns and gives you every confidence he knows what he is doing. The result? Amazing family photos!
suma para
suma para
July 16, 2023.
We were taking a family photo after so many years . Hart made us very comfortable and relaxed . Result is amazing . Thanks
Patrick Er
Patrick Er
July 16, 2023.
Hart was excellent. Our baby was so relaxed and the whole shoot was a quiet and sweet affair. Thank you for helping us capture the memories!
Tiffany Goh
Tiffany Goh
July 13, 2023.
If you are looking for a photographer to capture beautiful moments with your extended family, look no further than Master Hart and Tomato Photo Studio. From making enquiry to booking to the actual photo session and receiving the final photos, it is definitely a seamless, hassle-free and pleasant process. Master Hart is friendly, thoughtful and very accommodating. He is able to put everyone at ease during the shoot so that everyone will be able to have their best moments captured. Thank you so much for the fun and enjoyable photo session, Master Hart! Highly recommended - Tomato Photo Studio!
Wee Kai Tay
Wee Kai Tay
July 11, 2023.
Did a multi-generation shoot of 25pax with Hart, a seemingly daunting task that Hart handled with such ease. He gave us time to relax and settle, and took effort to know each of us so he could suggest placements and positions. He is deft at handling kids, bringing out their natural smiles, and patiently coaxed a crying toddler into smiles. He may not be the cheapest but he brings out the best of the subjects, through a very enjoyable experience.
Jee Min Hee
Jee Min Hee
June 25, 2023.
Hart strives to know your preference and style right from the beginning which is great as it helps clients to envisage the type of outcome they would like to achieve. The entire experience was fast, smooth and comfortable as you would expect from a very experienced photographer. Importantly, the outcome is awesome and is something I would cherish for many years to come. Thanks Hart!

Review by Serene Lim

Family Portrait – Home & Outdoors

“Have done 8 family shoots with Hart over the years and his pictures never fail to bring a smile to our faces. My children call him Uncle Tomato endearingly and say he is the best! Our latest outing was completed in less than 20 mins, but with amazing output. Thank you Hart and keep spreading joy with this gift that you have!”

Review by Ying Xuan

Extended Family Portrait & Newborn Photoshoot

“It’s the third time I’ve engaged Hart for his professional service. First two was for my family photoshoot with my parents and siblings which included a total of 10 people (young to old). Hart was able to manage the crowd well and the pictures turned out amazing.

Because he is so good at what he does, I have also engaged Hart for my recent newborn photoshoot. He handled my little one really well (my baby felt really comfortable) and the shoot was a breeze.

I had also received the pictures taken within the same day. The turnaround time and responsiveness of Hart is definitely commendable. In summary, if you’re looking for a photographer who produces good quality photos, is responsive and professional, Hart’s the right choice!”

Review by Faith Ng

Family Portrait

“Over the years, I’ve worked with Photographers from the MPA and I’ve also heard a lot about Hart, but I never took the plunge till this year and I’ve not regretted my decision. Hart is everything everyone has said about him. Genuine, great with kids, a master in his own rights.

From enquiry to the shoot, everything was professional. Hart has a cosy studio and he gave the kids more than enough time to warm up. Unlike other studio sessions, a session with Hart feels more like a catch up. He puts everyone at ease while he captures the most precious and beautiful moments and interactions. The results left me in awe.

Post-shoot, Hart works quickly to get the pictures to us and is at hand to advise on the best way to present the photos. I have never felt compelled to write a review, but, I made an exception for Hart because when I looked at the pictures, I asked myself why I did not engage him earlier? Thank you Hart for capturing those precious moments 🙂

Review by Kareena

Extended Family Portrait with babies, toddlers & kids. 

“This was our second photoshoot with Hart and he was as amazing as we remembered from the first time. Thank you so much!

Both times our shoot was a 3-generation shoot. He is a natural baby whisperer and definitely has his way to handle toddlers/kids – so when Hart asks you to leave it to him, please do! Hart is a very professional and patient photographer. He took the time to understand and connect with us all before shooting. Love the output that came out and will definitely be back again!!!

Review by John Garrido

Outdoor Family Portrait with Tweens.

“Hart and Tomato were easy to deal with. Good communication and responsive. Hart was super friendly and got the kids engaged and helped make it a fun and memorable day. Definitely recommend them #noforcedsmiles

Home Newborn Photography Photo Shoot

Reviews by Faith Chan 

“Had our newborn shoot done by Hart on rather last minute date fixing as my baby was overdue by 1 week which was close to Hart‘s overseas trip. However, Hart was kind to accommodate to our last minute request to come to our place before his trip.

Hart is friendly and nice to work with. He is good in handling newborns and puts us at ease when we see our baby comfortable and smiling even during photoshoot. He managed to capture our baby smiling and quickly took a video of it and was kind to send us for keep sake without any extra charge.

When it comes to us taking photos with our newborn, Hart gave advise on what outfit looks better. Also, he guides us patiently how to pose and we totally enjoyed the whole photoshoot session.

All the photos turn out very nice and natural…truly capturing all the natural feel and look of our newborn which is priceless! When it comes to selecting photos for print, Hart was patient in attending to my queries and giving me advise on the photo selection.

There is a personal touch from Hart which you have to engage his service and you’ll know it.

Having the skills and a nice personality to work with, I would strongly recommend Hart to any parents looking for newborn photography or even family photoshoot which I’m confident Hart will do very well too!”

Home Newborn Photography Photo Shoot

Reviews by Louise O’Shea

We had an amazing experience with Hart and he is truly gifted with newborns.

Hart put both us as parents and our baby at ease. It was such a relaxed experience, he even gave us new parents some amazing parenting advice at no extra charge lol!

Our photos were beautiful and exactly what we wanted, they didn’t appear staged and he captured so many different expressions of our baby that it’s hard to believe he was only 7days old at the time

The fact that we were able to do our shoot in on our own home was fantastic as trying to get anywhere on time with a newborn is a struggle and Hart just took the hassle out of everything for us!

We would highly recommend Hart and Tomato photo to anyone looking to do a newborn shoot.

Thank you for everything Hart!”

Outdoor Family Photography

Reviews by Frida Enersen

We were very impressed of Hart’s patience and ability to make everyone feel relaxed during the photo shoot of our family

Outdoor Garden By The Bay Family Photography

Reviews by Leonora Liu

“My siblings and I gifted our Mom with a tomato photo photoshoot package for her 60th birthday, and boy are we glad we did.

Hart was a joy to have as our photographer. He managed to capture our tri-generation family perfectly, and rolled with all the punches my 2-year old nephew threw (both literally and metaphorically).

The photos turned out lovely, and I certainly recommend Hart’s services to any family looking to have a laidback and enjoyable photoshoot to capture your memories together.”

Home Newborn Photo Shoot

Reviews by Jonathan Lee

My family used Hart for family photography when our second child was born.

The quality of pictures and Hart’s manner are fantastic and made for a very enjoyable experience. We just got the blown up prints of our shots and couldn’t be happier.

Hart himself was very enjoyable to work with. And when we had a few things come up that we requested and I personally felt was probably out of his scope of work, he was more than happy to oblige.

Very satisfied!”

Family Photo Shoot at Emerald Hill

Reviews by Katie Malder Zoldak

Tomato photo handled the entire process from my initial inquiry to receiving our proofs flawlessly.

They are very prompt in responding to every question and understanding your wishes in the outcome of the entire process.

Hart is a master at what he does and he makes it look so easy. I have a 3 and 5 year old and the entire photo shoot he was able to easily bring out their natural smiles and happiness.

I couldn’t recommend Tomato Photo enough! Wonderful experience and beautiful life long images for us to treasure! Thank you, Hart and Tomato Photo!!

Studio Family Photographer Singapore

Reviews by Yazad Dalal

“How do you think he does it, I don’t know” We were really impressed with his ability to get our children to sit still long enough to take 212 beautiful shots. We highly recommend Hart to anyone.

Family Photography Shoot in Studio

Reviews by Erica Latham

“We’ve just completed our fourth shoot with Hart, starting in 2012 & 2014 with home newborn shoots, and since then two family shoots, our last one Feb 2018.

I can’t recommend Hart enough, he is so patient and fun with the newborns and/or young kids. Even when we’re struggling to make the kids smile he makes a funny noise and suddenly they’re beaming!

I’ve been thrilled with the results of each shoot but this latest one was a challenge.

I had been extremely disappointed with a photographer in the UK and I asked Hart if he could recreate some of the shots that I had been hoping for, I sent over around 12 example pics. Needless to say I got every single shot and they were stunning but I was more impressed with the pics not on my list – he’s such a pro.

Don’t hesitate, book.”

Family Photographer For Home Shoot

Reviews by Kate Laya

“Just completed our third family shoot with Hart. We’ll be back again next time.

Hart is amazing with the kids – fun, patient and getting the best from them – and somehow manages to make the tense nervous adults relax too.

The pictures are always beautiful, happy shots which capture our girls’ personalities.

Service is always seamless and timely.”

Family Photo Shoot in Studio

Reviews by Fiza Fariheen

“Just recently completed a Black & White Charity Mini Shoot (our 1st experience) & Hart was great with the kids just like almost every review had testified.

Our kids were 2, 4 & 6 and Hart took time to play games, chat & got to know them which made them relaxed, calm & the photos was everything we could have asked for.

Made for classic sentiments & beautiful memories. Thank you & we look forward to hanging those beautiful photographs up in our home.”


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