A few months ago, Leona email me and asking me if I could help to do underwater photography while she is pregnant. We exchange some emails and we have decided to do the session at the swimming pool at a condo.

Anyway, I started to do Underwater Photography as addition to my general photography.

I am glad that everything works and we have some lovely images that I love….

I receive Leona’s email recently on the testimonial and her words make my day and a little assurance to me too…

So here is her words…

When I asked Hart if he’d be willing and able to do an underwater maternity photoshoot for me, he simply said, “I’m game if you are”. That sealed the deal for me because that was precisely what I was looking for – a photographer who was  confident, adventurous and interested in creating something unique and different.

Working with Hart was an absolute pleasure. Being semi-clothed in swimwear with my pregnant belly exposed is an awkward way to meet someone for the first time but Hart’s friendly and approachable manner put me completely at ease and we chatted our way through the shoot as if we were two old friends catching up over a coffee.

I wanted to celebrate the pregnant form and to see it from a different, artistic perspective. Hart turned out to be the perfect man for the job. With his creative eye and intuitive understanding of what makes a great shot, he delivered over and beyond what I had in mind. We shot in an ordinary swimming pool but, with Hart’s magic, the images are not ordinary at all. The artistry, the serenity, the sense of calm, the feeling of weightlessness and gracefulness – the images are beautiful, just beautiful. Months after the shoot, it’s still hard for me to believe that it’s me in those stunning images. People to whom I show the images to all marvel at how I was able to strike all sorts of athletic poses in the water and I tell them it’s all because of Hart. He made it look easy.

She further book my service for newborn photography session when she had her little girl and we did it at Fairmont Hotel when baby was 4 days old…

Rachel was an absolute charmer and she slept through the whole shoot (or the most of it) so she made my work really easy and Ryan, I thought was a very confident and fun child to deal with turn out to be a great big brother for her little sister… I love the shoot and here are some images from the session itself…

We got some amazing shots and Leona was thrilled with the results… and here is the email she wrote to me as part of testimonial to my newborn photography work.

Observing Hart as he worked with our 4-day old baby, the first thing that impressed me was how he handled her. As a second-time mummy, I am no amateur parent but I still learned a few things from watching him, for example, how he kept her calm and how he moved her around for the shot without stressing her. In addition, and importantly, he took absolutely no risks with our baby’s safety, never employing precarious or potentially dangerous setups.

Second (and this is like a magic trick), Hart has this wonderful way of making you feel at ease such that, without you even realizing it, you forget about “posing”. It’s as if you are two good friends just catching up with each other, while the camera clicks away in the background. He was even able to capture my shy toddler son at his most comfortable and relaxed (which is an almost impossible task for a stranger).

The images are brilliant, everything we could have hoped for and more. Firstly, there is an undeniable design quality, which can only be borne of an intuitive “designer’s eye”. In addition, each image is a particular statement, a specific memory, a cherished feeling – they actually communicate with you. Looking through the album now, the images say so much – how tiny our baby girl was, the smoothness of her baby skin, her soft hair, her uninhibited expressions – we can now remember these little things so clearly because Hart’s images are more than just images; they are experiences and short stories.

While he has the quiet confidence of someone who is at the top of his game, Hart is always looking to better himself and tomato photo. He is constantly learning new techniques and looking to grow as a photographer, both technically and creatively. He is also very attuned and considerate of his clients’ needs and constantly strives to improve tomato photo’s product and service standards. It is this deep respect for his gift and professional pride in his craft that assures me that he will never put anything out there that is less than perfect.

From shoot to print and to delivery of the final product to the client, Hart’s work is professional, beautiful and truly top-notch. He has set the benchmark by which I measure other photographers.


I always think testimonials are luxury item to have from clients as you can’t buy them with offering clients thing in return and it takes quite a lot of effort to sit down and write it and make sure everything sound right, so when it comes from client who believe in my work and service so much gives me a goosebumps and also a pat on my back and knowing job well done.

Life is highly unpredictable, I will do everything I can do pursue my dreams and live life without compromise.