Hello all,

There are a lot of changes coming to Tomato Photo as I will be going full steam to create different things that I always wanted but wasn’t ready as I wanted to spend more time with my mother who passed away in November. I never regretted the decision to hold back and it is probably the best decision that I have done in my life….

Back in the high school days, I used to swim competitively and to some extreme, I swim 7 days a week… I know I am a little extreme, I love the weightless and the freedom that water give you. So gentle and so calming…

In Tropical weather in Singapore, what not to like about jumping in the pool to cool down….

After some soul searching, a lot of preparation and trial and error, I am finally ready for the underwater photography… I love it…

You may have notice that I have added the new category in my website call “Underwater” and it will feature some of the images that I love….

Here are some images to wet your appetite….

If you are keen to have your photos taken underwater, do contact me for more details…