Professional Family Photoshoot – Why Families Do it?

We see these photographs on the wall of our homes and photo albums that they bring back so many memories. They are a reminder of all the good times that we have had with family members. When you look at photos taken decades ago, it is easy to remember what life was like then.

Family Photoshoot – In My Personal Experience

When I was a child, I remember being dragged by my mother to a photo studio posing next to a flower pot and doing the family photoshoot in studio once every couple of years. Of course I didn’t understand why I had to do it then and even dreaded it. Now that she has passed on, and I have my own family with 3 boys, I can totally relate.

The photos are now the best memory that one could have of their family. Hence, my focus is on babies, kids, and family portraiture which gives meaning to my life. Those photographs are important not just because they show us who we were in those moments but because they remind us how much things change over time. Of course, the memories are still there but they become less visible to us with time.

A family photoshoot is a great way to capture this moment in time and keep it for posterity. People take family photographs because they want to document their family in its current state. Children grow up so quickly and before you know it, they are all grown up with families of their own. It’s a great way to capture the love that exists within a family and keep those memories alive for future generations. Here are some of the reasons why families do professional family photoshoots.

1. Someone Is Dying

Hah. Yes, that’s right. A sensitive topic that people avoid talking about it. But it is the harsh reality. We all come to a point in our lives where family members are no longer with us anymore. If we think carefully, we are all dying. If we live to 80 years old, we only have 4000 Sundays more or less… How many Sundays have you used so far?

Yes, we are all dying like it or not… some sooner, some later but we all are… Many families regret not spending more time with their parents or loved ones when they are still alive. By having a family photoshoot, it allows family members to spend that time together and creates a sense of bonding within the family.

Over the last 10 years, more than 2000 families have come through our door to do their professional family photoshoots. Sure, we take a lot of pictures on iPhone or little camera here and there, but if you think about the image that define you as who you are… a professional portrait photographer like myself has dedicated our lives to creating and capturing the image that truly represents you and your family.

Taking family photos is a means of creating memories and preserving them for the future. It’s like having something that you can look back upon to remember your family members who are no longer with us anymore. When one takes family photographs, it creates an opportunity to keep those cherished moments alive forever and it allows people to be able to appreciate life even more.

We will make your family laugh and enjoy every moment during the shoot so the only job that you have to do is to spend that quality time with your family.

2. Make Up For Lost Time

In this fast-moving society where the world is getting smaller, work becomes borderless, and you have to spend more time away from your family.

Ask yourself NOW, how much time do you spend on your work VS the time you spend with your family?

It is well too familiar amongst my clients, who spend their time building their business empire or climbing that corporate ladder while their children are still young. While we know we all did it for our family, we also know that we sacrifice our time away from our family. There is no doubt, deep down, I think we all want to make up the lost time for our family, showing them that we care and let them have something that they can hold on to as they grow.

It is not just about taking family pictures for the family album, but to be able to document your family in state right now so you can look back and say… “I am glad I spent that time with them”.

Professional family photoshoots allow parents to be able to capture their children while they are young, before they decide not to spend any more time with them! (Most teenagers hate having family photos taken) By capturing those moments during the family photoshoot, it gives parents something to remember those moments by and also allows children to have a physical embodiment of those family memories. “A family that plays together, stays together.” – unknown author

3. Because It Matters

Often than not, we only focus on what is in front of us. Everyday is another groundhog day. When your eyes are open, we check our message, getting ourselves ready, go to work, come home, and spend little time with our children before we sleep again… everyday is the same… Don’t believe? what have you done yesterday? the day before? and the day before? and tomorrow?

Yes, life is mundane. Sometimes we just forget what really matters in our life… According to research, NO ONE, I really mean, NO ONE, in their death bed, regretting that they spend their time on things that matters, such as spending time with your family, capturing and preserving those moment in time… WHY?  Because IT Matters… 

Deep down in our core, we know we need to validate that we exist in this world… and there will be no one else to tell your story, unless you have it all down on photograph. Furthermore, there are only a few things that people will take with them from their burning house… their valuable… and one of the valuable thing is family photograph… why? Wouldn’t it easier for professional like us to help you and you can spend time with people that matters creating memories that matter to you and your family.

If you are wondering how easy we make the session for you and your family, all you need to do is to give us a call and find out more.

4. Because We Are Celebrating

When we are celebrating a milestone, such as a birthdays, an anniversary, or a graduation, it is only natural for us to want to commemorate the event with family photographs. These are moments that we will want to remember for years to come, and having professional family photos taken is one of the best ways to ensure that these memories last for years to come.

Over the last 15 years, I tend to ask every family who come through our studio, what is the special occasion. I hear a lot of celebration of moments, ranging from Birthdays, Anniversary, Graduation, Before Leaving For Overseas studies, Going to National Service, Having a New Baby, Having Twins, Having a Promotion. We ought to ask ourselves, but why? why we need to really spend time recording it, because we are going to have another birthday next year, another anniversary next year. The most part of it, because it matters to someone in the family. To prove that we exist at this point of time; to have an excuse to reconnect with the family.

5. You Look Best NOW

In terms of facial looks, no one can fault that as we grow, we look wiser. The experiences in life gained over the years are phenomenal.

Having said that, once people hit 30, it is inevitable that the body tend to lean towards slower metabolism with time and unless you are the type who diligently do regular exercises and watch what you eat, the odds are you will look and weigh better this year compared to the next.

Instead of procrastinating the next photoshoot, embrace it!

Because your kids will grow bigger each day you procrastinate. The moments/phases/milestones would be gone as you procrastinate. They only remember you as you… they aren’t critical on how you look…

They just want to see you in the photos when they flip back on the album many years later. To know that you were around.

Still can’t bring yourself to organising a family photoshoot? Set your goals!

How many times do we think about going on a holiday but never end up going? However, once you book your ticket, sure enough, you will end up going by hook or by crook. You will prepare and get the gear needed for that winter/ski etc.

Thats the same as planning for your photoshoot. Confirm and book in a date, you will have the motivation to work off that few extra grams that you have been wanting to get rid off before the shoot. it will naturally happen! By hook or by crook!

Because you were intentional, you set your goals and you plan to achieve it!

Because it really matters to your family!

Finally, what better gift to give to your better half or your parents, colleagues or friends than a Gift of Memories?

Get your closest friends and colleagues to get you a gift voucher for your much needed family photography. You would definitely need to make the photoshoot happen! FYI, our studio can accomodate big groups for extended family photoshoots. We have multiple changing rooms and Tomato Photo studio have a lift landing making it wheelchair and stroller friendly. Scroll down for some ideas on what, where to do your family photoshoot, and the top 15 tips on how to choose the best photo studio for your next family photoshoot.

Based on 389 reviews
Jasmine Chan
Jasmine Chan
May 18, 2024.
Very professional setting and a very patient photographer who is excellent at directing shots. 5/5 stars!
Ben Tong
Ben Tong
April 23, 2024.
Excellent experience with Hart. He is friendly and engaging adding to the overall experience in the studio a stress free and fun experience for myself and my family. Highly recommend!
Joanne Yoong
Joanne Yoong
April 18, 2024.
We did a beautiful family shoot with Hart - the shoot itself was fantastic and he was able to keep our large multigen family engaged and captured the happy spirit of the day. Unfortunately, after downloading the shoot pics, we managed to lose track of the photos. As my dad is quite ill and had requested these , we were crushed to find we could not locate the images he wanted. Hart was immediately responsive when we reached out and located the copies of our shoot, saving the day. Not only did he create a gorgeous set of memories for us, but his prompt and caring after-sales action was amazing. 5* for both quality and support. Would recommend highly as an artist and also as a professional. Thank you Hart!
Joanne Chua
Joanne Chua
April 18, 2024.
My company had an extremely good experience with Hart in our recent corporate photoshoot. Everyone in the company is very pleased with the photos. Below are some key aspects that made this photoshoot an extraordinary journey. Highlights: 1. Professionalism Redefined: The photographer, Hart exhibited unparalleled professionalism and skill, capturing the essence of each employee with precision and finesse. Their ability to evoke genuine engagement and empowerment was truly remarkable, resulting in portraits that radiated authenticity and charisma. 2. Friendly and Supportive: Hart is very accommodative to our requests, and he goes the extra mile to help with another group of staff for onsite photoshoot. He still manages to produce the high-resolution artwork given such a short timeframe due to our business set-up requirements. 3. Engagement and Empowerment: Beyond just capturing images, the photoshoot served as a catalyst for engagement and empowerment among our team members. It provided a platform for individuals to express themselves authentically, fostering a culture of inclusivity and collaboration. I really appreciate and feel thankful to be able to work with Hart on this assignment. I will still want to work with him for the upcoming assignment and refer him to my friends. Thank you so much, Hart and Team!
Yin Yin Wong
Yin Yin Wong
March 22, 2024.
Hart is easy going and friendly. He could sense that my kids( teenager) ain’t very interested in photo taking 🤣but he made them feel at ease. Most importantly, the pictures taken of them were very beautiful and natural. Hart and his team’s responses are very quick and professional too !
Eunice Lee
Eunice Lee
March 12, 2024.
We chose Hart as his aesthetics for newborn photos were exactly what we wanted, minimal and natural. He is really talented and captured so many unique expressions and poses. We had a hard time choosing what we really liked as there were so many great ones. We’ll definitely be returning for more family photos!
Jacinta Lim
Jacinta Lim
February 28, 2024.
Great experience. Hart is lovely - he really goes all out to make you feel at ease. You can really feel his passion for people and what he does. He just really wants to make sure you have a good time and leave with great shots!
Colleen and Ernest Heng
Colleen and Ernest Heng
February 20, 2024.
Hart was so patient and flexible our timeline. Our dogs got comfy due soft and demeanor. We are very please the level service and the helped he rendered nem to pit together tje tje photo book and canvases. Thank you !
January 31, 2024.
We had a very refreshing family photo shoot experience at Tomato Photo Studio on 21 January 2024. Hart was very creative, energetic and lively making my two young granddaughters very much at home. The photographic images turned out very natural and reflected well the mood. Thanks Hart and Hazel as well for providing the helpful information.

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Tomato Photo is a busy multi-award winning family portrait photo shoot studio that offer busy parents an avenue to capture and preserve memories of their family to make it into tangible products that they can appreciate for years to come.

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