What sets us apart…

baby_photography_singaporeWith so many choices out there in the market, how do you find a suitable photographer or studio to help you in your quest of capturing memories of your love ones?

Its easy for us to show you articles or features  but we believe that it is best said from those who have experienced a photo shoot with Tomato Photo.   Here are our clients thoughts on Tomato Photo

Clients believe in:

  1. Tomato Photo’s professionalism
  2. The ability to handle their children
  3. The ability to capture the moments that clients are looking for
  4. Tomato Photo quick turn around time
  5. Their children are in good hands
  6. Match and deliver what  the clients want
  7. Creativity and artistic vision
  8. Friendly and approachable attitude
  9. Last but not least, my ability to make people smile

Here are some screen shots from our wonderful clients:











Here are some grateful client emails that we are happy to share







Our vision is to put smiles on people’s face and create images that warm peoples hearts and our actions are reflection in our vision.

On the surface, you can see the images that we created, the price we charge, but many prospects perhaps forget to include the intangible return that they are getting. With this in mind, it is easy to know why 82% of our business is returning clients and referred clients.

So if you want something special for your family… why not give us a call on 8858 0088 for a chat?



Hart Tan

Best Outdoor Playgrounds in Singapore – take your camera!

It’s the weekend and time to keep the kids entertained. We loved exploring Singapore this week to give you the top five places to take the kiddies for some summer fun. Here are our suggestions on the best playgrounds in Singapore. Don’t forget to take your camera, its always a photo worthy moment when family plays together


Jacob Ballas – Botanical Gardens

We love this spot its perfect for kiddies of all ages to enjoy with an emphasis on the environment and learning more about the garden. With a wet area for play its perfect for cooling down on a hot summers day after climbing the huge tree house. Use a park bench or tree stub to hold you camera and set the timer the perfect family portrait




East Coast Park

Whether is fun on the beach or riding your bicycle this park has you covered. We love to take advantage of the family friendly bicycle tracks and then cool down in the sea for a swim followed by a yummy ice cream from New Zealand Natural. No worries if you don’t have a bike, simply hire one by the hour for priceless family fun. No need for a flash on hot sunny days – just pick up your camera and snap away



Children’s Garden at Gardens by the Bay

We just love the water play area, its huge! Don’t worry if you have tiny tot, there is a dedicated play area for toddlers. This spot is great for hot summer days and you can finish it off with a soft serve from Mc Donald’s. Take your camera and focus on getting awesome shoots of splashes and wet smiley facesFamily_photographer_singapore



Woodlands waterfront

If your kiddies love to climb then this is the spot for your family. With a huge tower surrounded by rope to climb this fort will keep your kids amused for hours. We also recommend a walk along the boardwalk area, the perfect spot for a family snap in the late afternoon.

Pasir Ris Park

 For those families who need a stroller friendly activity then this is perfect for you. The boardwalk gives you the opportunity to be among nature and spot mud crabs whilst pushing your stroller along leisurely. Make sure you take some mozzie spray for this outing and a flash for your camera is a definite must if you are taking afternoon family snapsfamily_Photography_Singapore


Toddler Photographs


Its not always easy to get your two year old to co operate but here are some quick and easy tips for your next photo shoot

Its all about the “ I see you”

For toddlers, catching their attention can be tricky. Make them laugh with squeaky toys, ideally you want to bring along their favorite toy to the photography session. Feel free to squeak the toy behind the photographer to get your little one looking into the lenses


Location, Location, Location

Toddlers are very busy little people and sometimes the idea of sitting inside a studio for hours can seem boring and frustrating to your kids. If you have high energy children then consider a fun location or park where they can feel free to run around, climb a tree or sit on a park bench, all of which makes for perfectly framed shots

The Photographer is your best friend

As an experienced photographer I am all about making the shoot into one large game. I get the toddlers to look at the camera as a game, to see if they can spot me. Creating fun little distractions like these can create natural shots that display the delight in your children’s eyes

kids_photo_studio_singaporeKeep them updated on your progress
Toddlers can be quite engaged with the camera, and have a natural curiosity. Showing them their photo after you’ve taken it usually encourages them to pose for more. Ask them to “try again” just like the one they just saw but better!

Getting to know you..
Before every shoot I spend time getting to know the family and especially toddlers. Its important to find out who their favorite toy is what they like to sing and what games makes them engaged. These are key activities that will help you to re focus them during the shoot.

toddler_photos_singapore_studoiBaby be Busy

Toddlers love a task. Its often when they are focused and amused that you get the best profile shoots. You can grab their personalities through the lenses and display their character with ease. I often sit the toddler down with a new toy or bike and then shot away as the magic happens

Hello Weather
Parents often worry about the weather. But this can be a photographers best distraction for any toddler. Toddlers love jumping in puddles and playing with umbrella’s. You can get some great shots by asking delighted infants to jump in puddles or open up the umbrella. There is always an opportunity to create great images through a little imagination

family_photographer_singaporeFollow Me Please
Make a game out of posing by asking a toddler to copy what you do. You can try silly poses at first so it’s fun, the mix them up with more natural ones. Challenge them to keep the pose for as long as possible as part of the game

If you would like to remember this wonderful phase in your little ones childhood then give us call to setup a time to shoot your family TEL: 8858 0088

Lets Get Candid

Candid shots of children are becoming more popular with parents in Singapore. In essence it’s an opportunity to capture moments of your kids childhood. To visually lock in those precious moments and reflect on many years later. The concept of posed family portraits seem to have lost popularity due to the stiffness of the poses and the fact that these carefully orchestrated pics don’t bear much of a reflection on the every day lives of our children or their personalities.

Here are Hart Tan’s from Tomato Photo’s top tips for candid photography for your next family outing. Get snapping Mum and Dad

Take the Opportunity

This means that you need to grasp every opportunity as it presents itself. Carry your camera with you on each outing and be ready to shot at any moment. When your children are constantly exposed to the camera they will become familiar and comfortable with the idea of being photographed. If your kids are comfortable and at ease this will translate into your photos and you will have natural relaxed moments captured in film.



Zoom Zoom Zoom

To avoid being a distraction to your children as they spontaneously interact or play, simply step away. Make use of the zoom function on your camera. Allow them the space and autonomy to engage as you stand back and capture it all on film. Snapping away outside of your little ones personal space gives realness to your imagery



No Flashy Stuff

Children are easily distracted and a flash is the biggest brightest distraction. Try turning the flash off and using the mode settings on your camera. This might mean that you use a quicker lens or adjust your ISO or your light mode settings. Sometimes you will need to use a combination of settings to achieve the right outcome – so don’t be afraid to play around with your camera too!

Capture the Moment as it happens

Photos are always more interesting in mood and composition if the people are actually doing something in the image. This allows the image to depict energy or a mood. Remember that timing is everything in candid photography so sit back and wait patiently for your children to be actively involved in a task which has meaning and interest to them. Shoot away quickly and capture each frame of the child’s involvement. Stand back and give your little one space and allow them to be unaware of your photography.


Angle it Right

So many people think that to be a good photographer you need to take the camera up to your eye. This is not the case especially when shooting small children whose height will always be smaller than that of the photographer. Take the camera down to your waist and meet them on eye level. Be prepared to move your body and use it as an extension of your camera. Kneel down, lay flat on the floor, crouch down, bend over – all of these actions help get you the most candid and engaged shots of your kids. Now use your camera to add to the perspective. Frame your shots on an a particular angle, zoom in close and then quickly zoom out to a wide angle, break the rules of composition and you will add a new perspective to your shots that can mean they look fresh, sharp and surprising. Don’t forget to add foreground objects into your shot. This illustrates the area / space that your child is playing in – which only adds to your memories.



Hart Tan is a Certified Associate Master Photographer with a studio located in Joo Chiat. Hart, specializes in family photography both in his studio and on location. Visit the Tomato Photo website to find out more www.tomato.sg

Children Photography 101 – Tips and Tricks…

I hope this article help parents who would like try and capture images of their child…

1) What are some of the main challenges with photographing children, especially infants and young kids?

The main challenges in photographing children lies in 2 things:
1, the behaviour of the child and also
2, the our own expectations.

Each child is unique and the more we can understand the children, the easiest to get the real emotion from the child. For example: a strong will child usually like to be challenge, so challenge them will work wonders and on the other hand, a very shy child usually need a lot time to build the rapport and gain their trust, etc

What is our expectations determine what we are going to take. For example, if I am looking to preserve memories of my child at a particular stage, I will look for the “milestone” kinda image, such as the first steps… walking with hands balancing… etc

Different scenarios:
My idea of photography is simple, capture the memories for the child as you interpret it as their parents. Allow them to be who they are and add or remove elements that you want to be in or out of those memories so we can remember them.

— When they’re sleeping  
When child is sleeping, they really don’t mind what you do as a parents. Use smaller and unintrusive camera would work. Child’s room tend to be dark, use of small flash light bouncing away from the child should give the right illumination that needed to get the images.

— When they’re playing / doing sports
If they are on the small play in the house, don’t interrupt them, let them do what they do and capture those moments as they will grow out of it in not so distant away. If they are playing sport outside the house, try to use longer tele-photo lens (something like 70-200mm works the best) to capture them without interrupting their activity.

— When on vacation and you want to take scenic shots
Vacation is the best time to do the shoot as you tend to be relax and there are a lot of things going on during the vacation. Bring small camera and bring one zoom lens instead of a lot of them. Spend time capturing what you want to remember them. Forget about bringing tripod, find somewhere to lean on and stabilise the camera by pulling the strap down and pull the camera up gives you the stability on the go. In short, keep it simple and focus on what you want to include as part of their memories

— When doing portraits
Control of lighting is crucial hence, usually off camera flash works better to control the shadow or find somewhere that has a big window. Use bed sheet as backdrop. Remember portrait is about the subject, set your camera and forget about it. Talk to the subject and find out the interesting expression of your child… you will surprise you see a lot of genuine expression when you talk to them like a little friend.  Don’t criticise them and keep the session short.

— In the water or pool
Waterproofed your camera!!!…
Those plastic enclosure works really well and go in the pool with them… give them direction and where to swim towards so you can control the overall image. Be patience as in the water takes a bit of time to focus and enclosure usually bulkier. Children usually like to do things repeatedly so just ask them to repeat them until you got the shots might work, but keep it short on each repetition.

— When you have a group of them
In the group, you need to find the “leader” of the pack if they are older then 4 years old and guide the leader and the rest will follow.
Younger than 4, just give them something that will make them sit down together… whatever… food, drawing, activities… etc.

General tips like lighting, camera modes, tips for getting kids to settle down, etc:
Soft lighting usually works better for children, so bounce the light if you have something to bounce, a big white towel makes a perfect bounce surface… I tend to shoot with Manual mode as I can control the light and other variables the way I want it, but Aperture more is commonly use as you just need to worry 1 variable. Keep things simple really.

Understand your child is crucial, never push what you want into them… if you want them to smile, make them smile, don’t ask them to smile. If you want them to happy jumping around, do that with them… they are a reflection of you… do remember the less you ask, but more you do with them gives you more things to shoot.

Last but not least, you need to always remember the idea behind why you want to take a photograph of your child? It is all about them and you are just an observer…

Here are some images I took of my kiddo during our recent vacation:


Hart Tan


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